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IXO Collection – Barbecue blower adapter

IXO Collection – Barbecue blower adapter
IXO Collection – Barbecue blower adapter
The ideal BBQ helper for fast and easy grilling
  • Perfect for fireplaces or barbecue nights in the garden
  • Stokes barbecue coals to get the perfect grilling conditions
  • Cordless mobility for getting a fire or BBQ started anywhere
  • Fireproof material and additional safety strap for secure work near fire flames

The perfect adapter for fireplaces or barbecues

The IXO BBQ blower adapter transforms the simple screwdriver into the perfect helper for stoking coals or starting a fire. Whether in the garden or at home, the cordless IXO BBQ blower enables reaching that ideal grilling temp, or perfectly cosy, fire quickly and easily. It’s also made of fireproof material and includes a safety strap for secure work near fire flames.

If you like it easy.
Versatility for more.
If you're looking for the best.

The barbecue blower adapter for the Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver helps you to quickly blow charcoal.

The IXO adapter that loves a BBQ

Stokes the coals for that perfect grilling temperature
For perfect BBQs and fires anywhere
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IXO Barbecue blower adapter
1 600 A00 1YC
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