Air Pumps

Cordless volume air pumps

Cordless volume air pumps

Bosch cordless, volume air pumps are easy to carry and set up. With these pumps, inflating and extracting air is effortless.

  • Ideal for big inflatable items that require a large air volume but low air pressure
  • For fast pumping and deflation of air mattresses and other leisure-time inflatables
  • Convenient pumping around the house, in the garden, at the lake, or on the campsite
Cordless compressed air pumps

Cordless compressed air pumps

For inflating items that are in need of high air pressure, Bosch cordless, compressed air pumps combine convenience with ease. Light and portable, these pumps are the perfect companion for pumping up bike and car tyres at home or on holidays.

  • Ideal for inflatables that require high air pressure but low air volume
  • For quick inflation of bike, car, motorcycle tyres, and balls
  • Maximum compressed air pressure up to 10.3 bar
  • Handy air pumping at home and away, in the garden, or on the campsite