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Essential garden tools for Autumn

A picture of fallen Autumn leaves

Regardless of the current condition, the size of your garden, or whether or not you’re a keen gardener, a flurry of autumn leaves will soon fall making it the perfect time to clean, refresh and protect your garden ahead of the frosty wintry months. 

The big tidy

After a summer of growth, extensive tidying is usually required for beds and borders, however, if the wilder look is more suited, then consider some light pruning instead. Either way you have some work ahead, but the good news is that we know the best tools to help these gardening tasks!

Our EasyPrune power-assisted secateurs were a finalist in this year’s RHS Garden Product of the Year competition at Chelsea Flower Show. Perfect for those with arthritic or weaker hands, the EasyPrune’s power-assist technology cuts through branches with a diameter of up to 25 millimetres, effortlessly cutting all types of branches, thick or thin.

An Bosch easyprune being used on a hedge

Also ideal for everyday gardening tasks such as tidying and trimming edges to creative shaping of topiary, evergreens, and small leafed plants, the AdvancedShear 18 Cordless shrub and grass shear set is ideal for the autumn tidy.

An Isio cordless shrub and grass shear being used on grass.

The EasyCut 12 is another must-have when preparing your garden this autumn. The cordless mini-saw is a tool for both inside and outside the home. Weighing only 900 grams, it’s able to make clean and precise cuts with minimal vibration and is ideal for pruning bushes and cutting small branches.

An easycut 12 being used to cut some wood for a project

Tackle the leaves

While some of us like to see some autumnal leaves covering the ground for a little while, most of us prefer a neat and tidy garden, not to mention a leaf-free outdoor space to avoid dangerous slippery paths.

You could use an EasyAquatak 100 pressure washer to rid your garden of unwanted leaves and to wash down patios and walkways before winter sets in. Pressure washing is a great way to keep your garden looking and feeling neat, clean and tidy and the EasyAquatak is compact, lightweight and portable. The 360-degree nozzle allows the jet to be angled so even unseen dirt can be easily removed, making it the perfect tool to help with the big clean.

A woman using an EasyAquatak100 in a garden

Alternatively why not try the ALB 18 LI cordless leaf blower which offers a lightweight and comfortable solution to removing leaves from patio and garden areas or combining them into a pile for easy clear up.

A Bosch ALB 18 Ll cordless leaf blower being used to blow leaves on a flowerbed.

Get shredding

All this clearing up can create quite a lot of waste but shredding can be ideal for creating high quality compost, plant food or your own potting mix. Garden shredders have great appeal as they can turn a mountain of branches into a manageable pile of mulch in just a few minutes. The quiet AXT 25 D quiet shredder is bound to impress thanks to its low noise emissions and powerful shredding performance.

Whatever the task, we have the tools to help you get on top of the garden and tuck it up ready for winter. Find out more here.