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Tips for painting a fence

A picture of a dad and his son in the garden painting a fence yellow
Here's our tips for painting a garden fence

As the weather is starting to warm up, your garden fence may be in need of a freshen up. Here’s our top tips to help you get started.

Tip 1: Preparing your fence

Start by taking off any old paint that may be chipped. We suggest using a pressure washer as this will help reveal the bare wood underneath the paint. Then carry out any necessary maintenance to the fence such as checking that all the nails are intact, and replacing any broken, or rotten panels.

Tip 2: Preserve your fence

Tip 2: Preserve your fence
Protect your fence with a wood preservative

Your fence is open to all types weather conditions and therefore needs protecting. Make sure to cover your fence with a wood preservative as this will help to protect and maintain your fence so it lasts longer.

Tip 3: Paint Vs Stain

Painting a fence tends be less expensive, however requires frequent maintenance depending on the effects of the weather. Whereas staining, which is initially more expensive, requires less maintenance. The stain is better absorbed and also doesn't chip like paint can. However, the choice is yours, both work well it just depends which you prefer.

Tip 4: Painting your fence

A picture of someone using a green Bosch paint spray system to paint a fence in the garden
Paint your fence when it's completely dry to ensure the best results

Before you start painting, make sure your fence is completely dry as this will give you the best results. You can use a paintbrush or a paint spray system either works great. Just make sure to give your fence two coats of paint.

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