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10 things you can clean with your GlassVac

A picture of a woman cleaning her windows
Clean much more than just windows with our GlassVac

You can clean so much more than just windows with our new window cleaner the GlassVac . Here’s our top 10 other things you can clean in your home and garden.

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A picture of a woman cleaning her shower doors with the Bosch GlassVac
Achieve a sparkling clean shower with the help of the GlassVac

Leave your shower dry and streak free, just simply run the GlassVac over the glass to avoid any unappealing watermarks.

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A picture of a greenhouse in a garden
Get your garden ready for summer

Get your greenhouse ready for summer by cleaning its windows, door and roof with our GlassVac.

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A picture of a woman using the Bosch GlassVac to clean her mirrors
Achieve a clear reflection thanks to our GlassVac

Achieve a clear reflection in your mirrors thanks to our GlassVac. It’s great at cleaning steamed up bathroom mirrors too.

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A picture of a kitchen sink with tiles
Easily clean kitchen tiles with the help of the GlassVac

Use the GlassVac to clean watermarks on the tiles in your kitchen or bathroom. Simply spray a cleaning fluid onto the tiles and then clean to a streak free finish with the GlassVac.

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Car windows

A picture of a car window
Achieve streak free windows with the help of the GlassVac

Easily clean car windows with our GlassVac that leaves no streaks thanks to its fitted Bosch automotive blade.

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Garden furniture

A picture of a glass topped outdoor table
Get your garden furniture ready for summer with the help of the GlassVac

Clean glass topped garden furniture such as outdoor tables with our GlassVac. It’s perfect for cleaning the damp dew in the morning as well as cleaning any dirt and grime to leave a sparkling finish.

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Drink spillages

A picture of the GlassVac cleaning up spilled red wine on top of a marble surface
The GlassVac is perfect for cleaning up spilled drinks

Easily clean spilled drinks thanks to the GlassVac’s vacuum that can suck up liquids with a click of a button.

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Any appliance with glass or flat surfaces such glass oven doors can easily be cleaned with our GlassVac, perfect for cleaning grubby fingerprints.

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Marble surfaces

A picture of the GlassVac on a marble kitchen work top
Achieve sparkling clean work surfaces

Clean marble surfaces with the GlassVac for a sparkling clean work surface.

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Fish tanks

A picture of a fish tank
Easily clean your fish tank with the help of the GlassVac

Watch your fish swim around a sparkling clean tank thanks to our GlassVac, perfect for achieving clean non-streaky glass.