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Winter blues? No thanks! 7 ways to introduce more colour into your living room

A sofa, a side table and two cacti in front of a midnight blue wall.
Painting your walls is one of seven ways to inject more colour into your living room. © istock

In the darker months, it’s time to retreat and snuggle up indoors. A little redecorating can go a long way to helping you avoid the winter blues. Iinjecting more colour into your living room is easy, and requires very little effort and money. Here are seven ways to go about it – from quick and easy tasks to more ambitious jobs.


Reupholster a sofa or chair

A blue velvet sofa with cushions, next to a floor lamp and gold-coloured side table.
It’s relatively easy to give sofas and chairs a new look. © istock

Are you toying with the idea of buying a new sofa? Why not just make a statement out of your old one by adding a bold new colour? It’s much cheaper to give your old sofa or favourite chair a new and revamped look.

Reupholstering a chair

You’ll need: sturdy fabric, universal cutter, stapler, plus a cordless screwdriver for removing armrests and legs.

How it’s done:

  • Remove the backrest(s) and legs of the chair, if possible.
  • Spread out the fabric with the coloured/patterned side facing the floor and position the seat on top of it, so that the bottom of the seat is facing upwards.
  • Cut the fabric accordingly, with a generous border around the sides. Remember that the fabric also has to cover the cushion of the chair.
  • Staple the fabric down on one side, leaving the corners free. Now pull the fabric tightly across the seat and staple that side down too. Follow the same process with the remaining two sides.
  • Fold down the corners so that the edges follow a neat 45-degree angle around the seat and are all pointing towards the centre. Pull each side tightly again and staple down the corners.

Follow the same steps if your chair has a backrest.

  • If the backrest is more round than square-shaped, fold down the edges instead of making corners.
  • If you are unable to remove the legs of your chair, try cutting large slits/openings in your fabric.

Add more colour with pictures

A Scandinavian-style living room in white and grey, with a yellow print on the wall.
You can add a touch of colour to your living room with a striking image or print @iStock

Small addition, big impact: pictures and prints immediately inject more life and colour into your living room. For example, a single large, expressive painting from an artist such as Mark Rothko makes a real statement. Or you can bring together several pictures in a group, all with the same primary colour.


Make a statement with your walls

A living room with a wall painted blue.
Striking colours like dark blue are on trend right now. © istock

One obvious way you can inject more colour into your living room is by painting the walls. Dark shades like moss green and midnight blue remain popular, and go well with other colourful accessories. And instead of a whole wall, you could just paint a few interior details – like the inside of a door frame, the background of a shelf or the inside of a wardrobe.


Colourful lights and lamps

Ceiling lamps in beige and pink hues.
Colourful light bulb sockets and lamp shades. © istock

Just like pictures, lamps and lights can help you create an atmosphere – in three different ways:

  • Lamps with colourful bulb sockets or vibrant shades can give your floor, wall or ceiling a varied look and feel.
  • If you've painted your walls with coloured paint, you can highlight this by illuminating this part of your home
  • To add more colour with minimum effort, try using colourful tea light or candle holders.

Colourful floors

An oriental rug in red hues in front of a grey sofa.
The colourful rugs by Hamburg-based On The Rugs will spruce up any living room. © On The Rugs

Just like pictures and lamps, a new rug can give your home a fresh new look – as if you’ve recently renovated. And the rug doesn’t have to be brightly coloured; even one with a subtle pattern will inject some colour.


Mix up the cushions

Several cushions in blue shades lying on a grey sofa.
It’s easy to add some colourful or patterned cushions, throws or curtains to your living room. © istock

With multi-coloured curtains, cushions or throws, you can easily create new colour schemes in your living room and keep up with the latest interior design trends. Why not experiment with textures, as well as colours? In winter, thicker fabrics like velvet or wool are better suited, while lighter materials such as linen and silk are ideal come summer time.


Flowers say more than 1,000 colours

A bunch of lilac flowers on a table, in front of a grey sofa.
Brightly coloured flowers can spruce up rooms in grey, white or beige. © wohn.gluck

Want to add some more colour to your living room, without making a commitment? Then flowers are just the thing! You can use them to change things up on a weekly basis. Our tip: instead of a bouquet, opt for a large bunch of flowers in your favourite colour – it’s cheaper and more eye-catching. Alternatively, you could put some white flowers in a colourful vase.