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Sawing plastic: How to do it with a jigsaw

A Bosch jigsaw is used to saw a plastic strip.
With the right saw blade, you can use your jigsaw to cut certain plastics.


Everyone knows that you can cut through wood with a jigsaw. But did you know that you can also saw some plastics with it? These include acrylic glass, plastic sheet or PVC pipes: Your jigsaw can easily handle this with the right saw blade. We explain how to do this and what you'll need to consider.

You need
  • work gloves
  • safety glasses
  • ear protectors
  • g-clamps
  • Plastic strip
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's go - step by step

Sawing plastic – what you'll need to consider

In addition to wood, jigsaws can also cut other materials, for example metal or plastic. In our tutorial, we show you how to cut different plastics with the jigsaw, and explain what you'll need to consider.

Step 1 5

Protective clothing and battery removal

A battery is removed from a Bosch jigsaw.
Before changing any settings on the jigsaw or changing the saw blade, always remove the battery. Other: Did you know that the 18-volt system is compatible with many Bosch tools?

You need: Jigsaw, work gloves, safety glasses, ear protectors

It's always important to wear the correct protective clothing  when you're doing DIY, and this applies to sawing plastic. Always wear eye and ear protection and protective gloves.
Before you prepare the jigsaw, check our jigsaw blade overview to make sure you're using the right blade. Before you use it, be sure to remove the battery.




Step 2 5

Inserting the saw blade

A blade for sawing plastic is used on a Bosch jigsaw.
Bosch jigsaw blades for sawing plastic have a red shank.

You need: Jigsaw, Jigsaw blade set including jigsaw blade for plastic

It is important to use a special saw blade when sawing plastic. Bosch saw blades for plastic can be identified by their red shank. You will find more detailed information in the saw blade overview. Insert the blade into the jigsaw. Find out how to change saw blades  in our guide.

Step 3 5

Deactivating pendulum action

The pendulum action is switched off on a Bosch jigsaw.
Turn the pendulum control to 0 to switch it off.

You need: Jigsaw

You do not need a saw blade pendulum action for cutting plastic. Plastics vary greatly in terms of hardness and porosity. The additional movement of the pendulum action increases the risk of the cut edge fraying or even tearing. Before sawing, turn the pendulum action switch on the jigsaw to 0 to deactivate this function.

Step 4 5

Securing a plastic strip

A plastic strip is clamped to a special worktop.
Plastic parts, such as long strips, must be clamped tightly for sawing.

You need: g-clamps, terry cloth or piece of wood if necessary, Plastic strip

When sawing plastic parts – for example strips – the workpiece must also be clamped securely. Be careful not to scratch the plastic. If you don't have a special workbench with a clamping option  like in our example, you can place a piece of terry cloth or wood between the workpiece and ordinary G-clamps. This protects the material.

Step 5 5


A Bosch jigsaw is used to saw a plastic strip.
Saw through the plastic very slowly.

You need: Jigsaw, Jigsaw blade set, Plastic strip

As soon as you have reinserted the battery, you can start sawing. Place the jigsaw on the workpiece and start it. Important: Never saw too fast, set only a medium stroke rate and apply minimal pressure. The throttle switch should never be fully depressed. Sawing too quickly will cause the plastic to melt. Afterwards, it is worth grinding the saw edge again.

Would you like to know more about correctly using Bosch jigsaws? No problem! In our guides, we explain the most important basics , such as how to make a straight cut  or perform round  sawing. We also give you important tips on processes such as sawing without fraying , sawing metal  or sawing out a worktop .

Plastics are wonderfully versatile materials that let you create eye-catching projects. For example, this indoor bike rack you can build yourself  with a perspex display case and transparent hooks for your bike.