No longer do you have a reason to procrastinate. It doesn’t matter if it’s something for you, your family, or a (special) friend. Now DIY projects are even more fun, thanks to the range of compatible devices in the Power for ALL battery system. It’s a piece of cake to work on very cool projects now.
Drilling, sawing, cleaning or gardening: You can switch quickly and easily between the devices of the Bosch 18V battery system at any time.
For even more flexibility: The 18V battery also fits into tools from the alliance partners of the Power for ALL battery system.
Convince yourself of the power, runtime, performance and power of the 18V devices. We’ll show you how it’s done. Have fun!

A barbecue made from an old washing drum with wheels stands in a garden. A fire burns within the barbecue.

Build your own garden barbecue from an old washing drum

It’s up to you: In no time at all, you can build a fireplace with the 18V battery system to use as a barbeque pit or for just relaxing with friends.

A colourful wooden bench is standing on a garden terrace.

A wooden bench with a summer vibe: add a splash of colour to your garden with this DIY garden bench

Relax and enjoy: Add a cosy little corner to your garden with the 18V battery system.

Split screen: A dark-brown weight bench can be seen on a living room rug on the left-hand side. A dark-brown coffee table can be seen in front of a sofa on the right-hand side.

Two-in-one: Build your own weight bench that you can also use as a coffee table

Power for ALL: The 18V battery system helps you pump up the power.

A home-made lamp lights up a desk.

Your home’s new star attraction: a zigzag-shaped lamp

A wonderful ray of hope: The 18V battery system sheds light into the darkness.

Two concrete stools with fishing net cushions in front of an artistic background.

DIY concrete stool: upcycling with fishing nets

An endless source of creativity: the 18V battery system – get caught on a stool made of fishing net and concrete.

Two rocking chairs with feet made from car tyres are standing on a lawn. There are bales of hay and a guitar between them.

Upcycling car tyres – build your own rocking chair

Ready to upcycle? The 18V battery system helps you magically upcycle a couple of old tires and create the perfect place to relax.

There is an outdoor shower made of wood standing in a garden.

Do-it-yourself shower for the garden: You’re sure to feel refreshed!

The 18V battery system is really hot: Cool off under a shower right in your own garden.

A room partition decorated with plants is standing in a living room.

The modern DIY room partition with plants

You only need one to make a lot: the 18V battery system and a DIY room partition with plants

A lamp made from a rustic wooden beam hangs over a set dining table.

Build your own ceiling lamp: This wooden beam will brighten up your dining table

Upcycle with the 18V battery system: Transform an old wooden beam into a ceiling lamp.

A copper clothes rail is hung with clothes and stands in a room with white walls and laminate flooring. In the background, there is a turquoise chair and a side table.

Quick and easy: make a new copper clothes rail in just 5 steps

Upcycle with the 18V battery system: Transform an old wooden beam into a ceiling lamp.

A lamp is fitted on a floating bedside table made of a wooden boards and copper sheets next to a bed with white sheets.

The DIY floating bedside table and lamp

Use the 18V battery system and, in five simple steps, you can build a new clothing rail out of copper.

Two vases with flowers sitting on a three-legged table made from a wood slab.

Natural elegance: a DIY side table made from a wood slab

Looking like a designer piece thanks to the 18V battery system: the DIY side table made of wood.

A bicycle rack made of wood and acrylic sheet is attached to a grey wall with a red bicycle hanging from it.

Build your own stylish indoor bicycle rack

Your bicycle is too fashionable to be tucked away in the basement? Then hang it from the wall with the help of the 18V battery system.