Give your living room a makeover with our 3D diamond wall art

A picture of a living room with a black 3D diamond wall art
Update your living room

  • Difficulty
  • Cost
    < 50 £
  • Duration
    1-3 h

Looking to update your living room but on a budget? Try creating our 3D diamond wall art. The diamond spans from a corner of the room, creating a three-dimensional effect.

You need
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • 20mm fabric tape approx. 30 meters long
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 7

Getting started

A picture of all the materials needed to create a 3D diamond wall art
Here is everything you need
A picture of someone setting up the Quigo, cross line laser on a ladder
Start by setting up the Quigo

You need: Cross Line Laser, ladder

First download the diamond template which will help you to arrange the individual strips of tape. In order to have perfectly straight lines when the tape is applied to the wall, use a cross line laser. Start by mounting the Quigo directly on a ladder using the MM2 universal holder and then click the Quigo into place. Slide the cover up and you’re ready to go: This is a self-leveling measuring tool, which means it aligns itself automatically and is immediately ready to use. The laser cross forms the central axis of the diamond and is positioned so that the vertical reference line runs down the corner of the wall. Position the horizontal laser line at a height of approximately 160 cm.

Diamond template

Step 2 7

Measuring the diamond shape

A picture of someone using a laser measure to work out the distances of the diamond
Use a laser measure to work out the distances precisely

You need: Cross Line Laser, pencil

To create a symmetrical diamond, each of the three upper outermost points on the right and left must be the same distances away from the diamond’s vertical axis, or – in other words – the corner of the room. We recommend using a digital laser measure to perform these measurements, since it calculates all the values quickly and precisely. Place the tool on the horizontal laser line, facing the corner and mark the wall with a pencil.

Step 3 7

Start applying the tape

A picture of someone applying the black tape to the corner of the wall
Start applying the tape to the corner of the wall

You need: scissors, adhesive tape

Now you can apply the first strip along the laser line by cutting a strip of tape approximately 180 cm long using a pair of scissors and then aligning it cleanly and carefully on the wall.


It's better to use two separate strips instead of one long one that runs into and out of the corner. This produces a more accurate line and is easier to apply.

Step 4 7

Creating the top of the diamond

A picture of someone setting the Quigo 40cm higher to form the top line of the diamond
Move the Quigo 40cm higher

The next step is to apply the top horizontal line of the diamond. Move the Quigo approximately 40 cm higher up the ladder and make fine adjustments for the last few centimeters. This strip of tape must be approximately 20 cm shorter than the one below to create the diamond shape. For symmetry, it's important to ensure that each of the outermost points are at an identical distance from the corner of the wall. Using a laser measure will help you do this.

Step 5 7

Calculating the middle point

A picture of someone using a laser measure to calculate the middle point of the diamond
Calculate the middle point using a laser measure

Calculate the middle point in each group of three outermost points in the same manner, using both measuring tools, and mark each of them on the wall accordingly. These marks form the starting points for the outer lines that join the top and bottom strips of tape.

Step 6 7

Applying the diagonals

A picture of someone adding the finishing touches to the 3D diamond
Placing the tape of a shelf will give the diamond an extra 3D effect

In order to apply all the diagonals so that they are straight as per the template, tilt the Quigo and universal holder into the relevant position. Handy feature: If the line runs over a shelf as shown in the picture, simply follow it and apply the tape along the line of the laser. This will create an extra 3D effect to amaze your guests.

Step 7 7

Adding the final touches

Adding the finishing touches to the diamond
Adding the finishing touches

As a final touch, tidy up all the corners of the diamond using a boxcutter and your diamond work of art is complete. Time to put the radio on, relax on the sofa and admire your work..


The height and width of the diamond can be adjusted depending on the size of the room.