5 ways to attract more wildlife into your garden

A picture of a bee on a flower
Attract more wildlife into your garden with our top 5 ideas

Your garden is a front row seat to watching wildlife and nature but first you need to attract it. Here’s our top 5 ways you can attract more wildlife into your garden.

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Hang up a bird feeder

A picture of a colourful bird feeder in a garden
Bird feeders come in all shapes and sizes

An easy way to attract more wildlife is to hang up a bird feeder; you can purchase these from your local garden centre or supermarket. It doesn’t matter how big or small your garden is, a bird feeder is perfect for attracting all kinds of birds.

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Grow wild flowers

A picture of a butterfly in wild flowers
Wild flowers will attract all types of insects

Butterflies and bees are drawn to wildflowers due to their bright colours and sweet pollens. Start by planting wild flowers in plant pots and planters, you’ll be surprised what insects you’ll attract.

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Create a wilderness area

A picture of a bug house
Bug hotels are perfect for attracting more wildlife

Leave an area of garden to grow wild. Let the grass grow and stack up pieces of wood and bricks for insects. For tips on how to make your own bug hotel click here.

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Plant a tree

A picture of tree in a garden
Planting one tree can transform your garden

Trees make perfect habitats for birds and small mammals such as squirrels. By planting one tree in your garden you will create a place for birds and squirrels to nest. We suggest planting trees such as silver birch, yew or elm and beech depending on how much space you have.

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Create a feature pond

A picture of pond with flowers
A pond is perfect for creating another ecosystem

If you have space for a feature pond, it’s a great way to create another ecosystem in your garden. A pond will allow you to keep fish and frogs as well as attracting insects such as dragonflies. You’ll also be able to grow water plants such as water lilies.