Bring the outdoors indoors this Christmas – creating a rustic festive feel in your home

An image of homemade Christmas decorations and a wooden tree
Roll up your sleeves, pull on your wellies and do some festive foraging this Christmas to create beautiful home-made objects everyone will admire.

The idea of bringing the outdoors in at Christmas is nothing new, after all trees in the living room are a common feature in most people’s homes during the festive season. Here are some hints and tips on expanding on this tradition and creating beautiful Christmas adornments from your own back garden. We’ll show you how to use outdoor objects indoors, in new and creative ways that will have your festive visitors admiring your creativity and DIY skills.

It’s no secret that Christmas can be a stressful, not to mention expensive time. Let’s face it, the sight of your bank balance in January can be enough to get a lot of people hot under the collar but these unique, stylish, practical and rustic decorations can also improve your bank balance this festive season!

Not only that, but it’s common knowledge that creative and DIY projects can also reduce stress levels and promote tranquillity and mindfulness at an otherwise manic time of year. It’s win win! So, get yourself into the great outdoors and see what you can find.

Garden foliage and other odds and ends found knocking around in the treasure trove that is the back garden, can make stunning festive trinkets, centre pieces and even the main event – the Christmas tree itself! A lot of gardens can become unloved and forgotten about at this time of year, but you never know what you might unearth if you go for a forage in the foliage or root around in the rough. Logs, twigs, stones, pebbles, grass cuttings, leaves, twigs and branches can make super versatile Christmas objects.

As if that wasn’t reason enough, you can also ease your eco-conscience knowing that recycled outdoor objects won’t be adding to the landfill mass this year. Relax in the knowledge that as well as creating stunning, one-of-a-kind festive masterpieces, you’re also doing your bit for the planet.

Make your home warm and welcoming with these super easy, unique ideas to create a festive haven that will have everyone talking.

Christmas wreaths and table decorations

An image of an evergreen wreath decorated with pine cones, red berries, dried orange segments and cinnamon sticks
Create a festive front door wreath

Collect as many twigs as you can find for the wreath, small and large. Make a circular template, perhaps with string or rope. Using a hot glue gun, stick the twigs on in a circular motion. For the perfect table decoration frame the twigs around a central candle holder and then all you need to do is go foraging for berries to add a splash of colour, coat them in PVA glue to preserve and add a sprinkle of glitter to make them sparkle this Christmas.

Log snowman

An image of a snowman made from wooden logs
You can still make a snowman without the snow

Why not create your very own snowman with disused logs that have been piling up next to the wood burner for months! Chop one into a flat cylinder and use a multi-sander to smooth and a cordless combi drill to drill holes to insert twigs for arms. Then just use your imagination to create a friendly face!

Pine cone baubles

An image of two decorated pine cones by a Christmas tree
The perfect decorations for a rustic Christmas

Coat the cones in PVA glue to preserve, add a festive bow, or make your own characters and animals using felt faces. Finally, add some string and they’re ready to hang from the tree.

The Christmas tree

An image of a Christmas tree made from wood infront of a blue wooden wall
If you're feeling adventurous, create your own wooden Christmas tree

If you’re feeling really ambitious, why not make the main feature yourself! Using a mini-saw, cut down branches and then trim, prune and cut to equal lengths, getting progressively longer to form the shape of a Christmas tree.

A cordless combi drill is essential for creating holes to insert twigs and to hang the decorations from.

And after Christmas don’t forget to shred your tree and greenery with a shredder to do your bit for the environment.