The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Wooden XMAS sign hanged on the wall and decorated in Christmas spirit

In need of some gift inspiration? Look no further. We have the perfect gifts and stocking fillers to suit even the hardest person to buy for on your shopping list, from keen DIYers and green fingered fanatics to gadget lovers.

So here is our run down of our top gifts for the festive period.

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The IXO Family Set

  • A family using a cordless screwdriver to put together a wooden coffee table
  • Someone using the IXO BBQ adapter to light a BBQ

Bring home the IXO V and IXO Lino this Christmas for lots of family fun. The set includes the best-selling cordless screwdriver and a toy version so the kids can play along too! The cordless IXO V has an ergonomic design, a new LED Light concept and a USB charger for fast charging. It can also be paired with one of the quirky accessories below.

Try the IXO corkscrew accessory, perfect for your wine loving friends. The product’s stainless steel design allows it to maintain a sleek look within a modern day kitchen and makes removing the cork easier than ever.

The IXO spice mill, a kitchen essential for those who love to cook. This IXO accessory can be filled with an array of spices that allows for effortless seasoning of dishes.

The final attachment is the IXO BBQ, perfect any BBQ King or Queen in the family. This handy attachment is ideal for effortlessly starting barbecues in the summer and fires in the winter time.

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  • A close up image of Bosch's Zamo
  • A woman using a zamo to measure a distance on a wall

The Zamo Digital Laser Measure is the perfect stocking filler for any gadget lover this Christmas. It has an easy-to-read display and a single-button operation making the tool easy to use for people of all ages. It has a modern product design with soft grip for comfortable handling and the tin box packaging makes it a very attractive gift this Christmas.

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AQT 33-11

Someone cleaning the car with a high pressure washer

A high pressure washer from Bosch makes the perfect present for any keen gardener, car fanatic, motor cyclist or mountain biker this Christmas. Our AQT 33-11 is compact in design and easy to set up straight from the box making it a brilliant present.

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The PSB 18 LI-2

A man using a cordless combi drill to drill a hole into a wooden structure

Our cordless combi drill is a fantastic gift for any DIY lover and can be used anywhere in your home and garden thanks to its cordless conveniency. It has a 2 speed setting and is able to drill holes in various materials and drive screws allowing your DIY fixer to complete a wide range of tasks.

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The EasyCut 12

Someone using the Easyut 12 to cut wood

The EasyCut 12 is brilliant indoors and out thanks to its cordless nature giving you the freedom to work anywhere without restrictions. The new sawing technology is maintenance free, requiring no oiling or sharpening, meaning you have more time for the fun stuff. It can perform quick, clean straight cuts on branches and wooden boards. The perfect tool for both DIY enthusiasts and garden fanatics.

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The Multi-Purpose Drilling Set

An accessory kit for Bosch drills placed on white planks

This new 32-piece screw driving set is ideal for the DIYer of the family who always has a new project on the go, with a clear, colour coding system it’s easy to identify the correct bit for the task in hand. It also has a quick-change adaptor with auto-lock, enabling effortless changing between screw driver bits.

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The AdvancedGrind 18

A man using a cordless angle grinder to cut into a metal barrel

Our newest and safest angle grinder yet is the perfect gift for DIY lovers. Its compact design, restart protection, quick brake function and adjustable protective guard means it’s safe and easy to use. The tool is perfect for completing a wide range of tasks such as cutting, grinding and brushing as well as being able to change between discs easily.

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The ALB 18 LI

Someone using a cordless leaf blower to clear leaves in a garden

Our cordless leaf blower is the perfect tool for someone who needs to upgrade from a rake this winter. It’s ergonomic design, low weight and powerful motor makes it easy to remove leaves even in the trickiest of spots.

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The PMF 220 CE Set

  • Someone using a cordless multifunction tool to sand down a blue wooden chair
  • Someone using a cordless multifunction tool to cut metal

The PMF multifunction tool is a fantastic gift for someone who completes a wide range of projects as it can cut, scrape, saw and sand thanks to its extensive range of starlock accessories. Perfect for someone who loves to upcycle or refresh old furniture as the tool allows for endless project possibilities.

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A man using a detector on a brick wall

The Truvo multi-detector is an essential part of any toolkit as it detects both live cables up to a 50mm depth as well as steel and copper objects up to depths of 70mm and 60mm making it necessary for any DIY task. It has a one-button operation and automatic calibration for easy use. All in a tin box packaging. The perfect practical gift for someone who loves a bit of DIY.