Bring a festive feel to your home

It´s christmas time.

Getting into the festive spirit can sometimes be difficult, whether this is because you feel that the season has lost its wonder since you were a child or that you have been too busy to even think about Christmas. Here are three tips to bring a more festive feel to your home and get yourself in the Christmas spirit.

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Create a Christmas inspired bar of all your favourite drinks this Christmas

Create your own home made Christmas inspired cocktail bar.

Christmas is the one time of year where you are able treat yourself to your favourite food and drinks without feeling guilty. Why not get in the festive spirit and create your own home made Christmas inspired bar with all your favourite drinks. Find some spare space on a table or counter top, decorate the area with your choice of Christmas decorations and lights and lay out your choice of drinks.

Why not include some homemade Christmas inspired cocktails/mocktails and mulled wine onto your Christmas bar to give it that festive finish.

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Create a Christmas movie shortlist

Enjoy the best time of the year with watching christmas movies

Something which we can all agree on is that watching Christmas films is one of the best parts about the Christmas period and can always get you in the festive spirit. Amongst your friends and family why not create a shortlist of all the Christmas movies you'd love to all watch on the run up to Christmas.

A few Christmas classics we’d strongly suggest here at Bosch are:

- Home Alone
- Love Actually
- A Muppets' Christmas carol
- National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
- Polar Express
- Planes, trains and automobiles

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Make your home smell like Christmas

The simplest way to get your home smelling festive is to light a candle.

Particular scents have the ability to trigger vivid memories, and this isn’t any different at Christmas. These scents of Christmas conjure the very best feelings and have the ability to make you feel at ease and content. So why not get yourself into the Christmas spirit by making your home smell like Christmas.

How you can get started:

- Light a candle – The simplest way to get your home smelling festive is to light a candle in a Christmas Scent. Firewood, Spruce or a sweet sugar cookie aroma are three popular choices which will fill your home with a nostalgic scent.

- Simmer a pot- Add water to a pot of oranges, cloves and cinnamon and simmer the pot on your stove to fill your home with those mulling scents.

- Hang evergreens- Christmas trees aren’t the only thing that gives off that amazing evergreen scent. Hang a wreath in any room indoors and its scent will fill the space.