Botanical inspired ideas to brighten up your home

Bright bedroom in the morning with large bed and dozen of pictures hanged on the wall behind the bed

Botanical inspired décor is everywhere right now and this nature inspired trend shows no sign of going away. If you’re looking for ways to bring the outside in and refresh your home we’ve got some great ideas to help you create your very own little garden oasis without having to leave the house.

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Living wall - one of the hottest interior trends.

  • Bright livingroom with comfy furniture and lots of plant life
  • Bright livingroom with a gray armchair and a plants planted on wooden pallets that are leaning on the wall

The living wall is one of the hottest interior trends of 2018 and is a lovely modern way to introduce plants to your indoor space. Many living walls are made up of pre-made modular systems, but we’ve also seen pallet shelving, guttering or old crates used as a basis for planting. Fill your base structure with any plants you like, just make sure they have enough light and remember to water them regularly to keep them looking fresh. For a kitchen wall, herbs are a great idea – not only do they look good but are also very tasty and smell wonderful. Imagine using your own herbs straight from the kitchen when adding flavour to your cooking? They are also proven to make you happier and healthier – find out more in our recent article.

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The houseplant revival

  • Colorfull indoor plants on a table
    Add some life to your home by adding hanging houseplants
  • Green indoor plants that are planted in a plant pots hanging from the ceiling

In the 1970s homes across the UK were filled with houseplants and we’re so pleased to be in the midst of a revival. Bringing plants inside is proven to reduce depression, stress and fatigue and they also help to purify the air we breathe. Hanging houseplants are particularly popular right now which is great news for those with little surface space. For hanging pots we really love trailing plants like ferns and spider plants which provide a striking visual display.

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Classic botanical prints

  • Home with botanical prints on the wall.
    Botanical prints will add style to your home
  • Bright bedroom in the morning with large bed and dozen of pictures hanged on the wall behind the bed

Botanical prints are a subtle way to bring the outdoors into your home and can help you to transform a room with minimal effort. Simple classical illustrations on a white background can be found as vintage pieces or in new modern styles too. For a cheaper alternative try framing your own photographs or postcards instead. If you want some help in making sure your new wall art is hung to perfection, check out our guide to hanging pictures and the best measuring tools for the job .

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Natural scents

  • Herbs with nice scent planted in white pots
    Enjoy calming natural scents inside your home
  • Essential oils and herbs

It’s not only the visual elements of the garden that work well inside; pots of herbs, candles and scent diffusers are all great ways to bring a light, fresh and natural scent into your home and can be a lovely way to remind you of your favourite time or place. Opt for natural products made from essential oils or botanical extracts (rather than chemicals) for a truly authentic smell. Many essential oils also have proven health benefits and can positively influence your mood and mental state.

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Shades of green

  • Room with green painted walls.
    Bring some colour to your home
  • Green themed room with comfy couch and night table with a lamp

It’s probably the most common colour found in nature thanks to the chlorophyll chemical required for photosynthesis, so for a bold, modern look why not go all out and paint your walls in a shade of green? Whether you favour pale mint or deep sea green there are so many different options; apple, jade, olive, pine, pea or pistachio…. which would you choose? If you’re a decorating beginner, we’ve got some helpful tips to get you started so what are you waiting for!