A unique head-turner: build your own clothing rail from a tree branch in a few simple steps

A clothing rail made from a tree branch. A nice mirror, colourful bags and clothing hang on the rail. A dark green houseplant is to the right of the rail.
A DIY clothing rail made from a tree branch is a stylish way of showing off your clothing.

  • Difficulty
  • Cost
    < 50 £
  • Duration
    < 1 h


The floor, your desk chair, the desk itself, your bed – not having the right place to store clothes means they just get moved from one place to the next. This stylish and unique clothing rail puts an end to this clothing merry-go-round. It doesn’t just look great, but you can also easily build it yourself.

You need
  • pencil
  • ear protectors
  • face mask
  • work gloves
  • screwdriver
  • pocket rule
  • safety glasses
  • g-clamps
  • Tree branch (for example birch, with or without bark) approx. 1.5 m in length
  • Screw hooks (approx. 30)
  • Steel cable
  • Wire clips
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's go - step by step

Step 1 6

Cut the tree branch to length and sand it

You need: NanoBlade saw, Multi-sander, g-clamps, safety glasses, ear protectors, face mask

Get hold of a suitable tree branch. You can look for one while you’re out on a walk or ask a forester. Make sure you check whether you’re allowed to take the branch with you. Once you’ve found the perfect tree branch to make your clothing rail out of, saw it to the desired length. The branch in our example is 1.5 m long. It’s up to you how long you want your hanging clothing rail – and therefore your branch – to be. Secure your branch to your workbench with G-clamps. Use a saw to shorten it and don’t forget to wear protective goggles, ear protection and gloves. Also, remove any twigs and other branches that are in the way. You can sand the rough ends. You should also wear protective goggles, ear protection and a mask while sanding.

Step 2 6

Measure out intervals for the hooks

Close-up of the tree branch, a pocket rule and a bradawl. The tool is being used to mark the branch at regular intervals.
Use the bradawl to mark where you want the hooks for your DIY clothing rail to go.

You need: pocket rule, pencil, mandrel / screwdriver

In this next step, you will measure out the spacing for the screw hooks on the tree branch. Do this by lying the pocket rule on the branch and marking out the intervals. We’ve gone for 5 cm between each hook, but feel free to choose whatever spacing you like. We’ve used a bradawl for the markings, but you can also use a screwdriver or a sharpened pencil.

Step 3 6

Drill holes for the hooks

Close-up of a hand using a cordless drill to create holes in the tree branch that will be used as the hanging clothing rail.
Use a drill to create the holes.

You need: Cordless Drill, Wood Drill Bit Set

Once you’ve got the markings for your screw hooks just how you want them, you have to create the holes using a drill. It’s best to use a 3 mm wood drill bit to do this.

Step 4 6

Drill holes for the steel cables to hang the rail

Close-up of a hand. It is using a cordless drill to drill holes in a tree branch. The branch is clamped to a workbench with G-clamps.
Now, drill the holes for the steel cables into the tree branch. You will use these cables to hang up your clothing rail.

You need: Cordless Drill, Wood Drill Bit Set

Mark where you want to thread the steel cables through on each end of the tree branch. You can use these cables to hang your clothing rail anywhere in your home. To do this, drill the two holes using a small drill bit (3 mm). Then, use a larger drill bit (8 mm) to enlarge the holes you’ve drilled on the underside of the rail so that wire clips can be fully inserted into them later. How deep you drill the hole using the 8 mm drill bit depends on the size of the wire clip.

Step 5 6

Screw the hooks in

A tree branch is clamped to a work surface with G-clamps. A woman is standing behind it and is screwing black hooks into it.
Screw the hooks into the holes you’ve drilled. Later, you can hang your clothes on them.

You need: g-clamps, screw hooks

Screw all the hooks into the holes you’ve drilled. Later, you can hang your clothes on them. It’s entirely up to you how many hooks you use.

Step 6 6

Thread the wire cables through and seal them

Close-up of the tree branch, which is functioning as a hanging clothing rail. Screw hooks have been screwed into it. A wire cable has been threaded through a hole and is being sealed.
A woman is threading a wire cable with a wire clip through a hole in a tree branch. Seven black hooks are mounted into the branch.

You need: steel cable, wire clip

Thread the steel cables through the holes and screw down the wire clips so you can hang your DIY clothing rail safely and without a problem. The clips disappear into the larger holes you drilled into the tree branch and can no longer be seen.

You’re almost finished! Now, you just need to hang up your new clothing rail and you’ll have somewhere perfect to show off your clothes. You can do this either with screw hooks or dowels, depending on the material and strength of your wall. Use your cordless drill to drill the holes in the wall you’ll need to safely hang up your rail.