Create your own draught excluder

Picture of a selection of materials in bright colours with a pair of scissors
  • Difficulty
  • Cost
    < 50 £
  • Duration
    1-3 h


Here’s our step by step guide to create a beautiful draught excluder for the perfect cosy home this winter, perfect for helping to reduce the heating bill and add some extra decoration to your home too.

You need

Let's go - step by step


Measure out the fabric

You need: measuring tape, fabric- length of your door frame + 35-40cm wide

Measure out the fabric slightly longer than the door frame and 35-40cm wide using a measuring tape.

Then fold the fabric in half lengthways with the side of the fabric you want showing on the inside.


Create an open tube

You need:

Pin down the length of your fabric and along one end to create an open tube, to ensure the fabric stays in place whilst stitching. Trim any excess fabric if required.


Now time to sew

A picture of brightly coloured fabric with a needle and some colourful thread

You need:

Sew the pinned sides with a needle and thread or alternatively with a sewing machine. Remove the pins as you go but make sure to hold the fabric straight. Sew as closely to the corners as possible so that they look tidy once it is turned inside out


Add the stuffing

You need:

Turn it inside out and then iron the fabric for a nice finish.

Next add in the stuffing. Once full carefully sew up the end by hand as neat as possible.


Add the finishing touches

You need:

Now get creative and add the finishing touches to your draught excluder, using buttons, ribbons, or even add the family name for a personal feel.

Your draught excluder is now complete.