Easter Crafts for the Kids

A picture of a girl in Easter bunny ears holding basket of homemade Easter eggs
Here's our top 5 Easter craft ideas for you and your little ones

Easter marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring and is the time of year for indulging in far too much chocolate. With two bank holidays in the UK and the start of the Easter school holidays too, we’ve put together some top ideas to unleash your inner maker and create some Easter-themed crafts with the children.

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Customise eggs

A picture of hand painted easter egss lined up in a row infront of a blue background.
Create customised eggs, the design possibilities are endless!

Get the felt tip pens and paints ready to create a variety of colourful patterns and intricate designs on eggs this Easter. Take this one step further and provide the children with a selection of materials including pieces of felt, small buttons and colourful cardboard to stick to the eggs to add extra texture and flair. You could even create multiple egg characters to represent all of your family members! Make sure you safely hard boil or ‘blow out’ your eggs before you begin customising them.

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Decorate a chocolate box

A picture of a choclate Easter bunny, gold gift boxes and a chalkboard sign saying Happy Easter.
Individual chocolate boxes are a great way to add a personal touch to your Easter treats

Unwanted and unused food boxes and containers can often be found around the home, and these can be transformed to create brand new chocolate boxes to store the children’s Easter treats. The same products and materials used to customise the eggs can be used again here and why not add some personalisation by encouraging the children to add their name to the box in an imaginative way – these individual chocolate boxes will help to avoid arguments.

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Easter bonnets

A picture of a straw hat transformed into an Easter theme bonnet with mini eggs and tiny fluffy chick decorations.
Turn an old hat into a beautiful Easter bonnet

Take an old hat and give it a fresh new look this Easter by transforming it into an Easter bonnet with the kids. Tie some colourful ribbon around the hat, create origami flowers out of tissue paper and stick on decorated eggs made from cardboard to add some colour, finesse and a creative flair. Don’t forget to add the pompom chicks to your Easter bonnet too!

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Easter cards

A pictue of homemade Easter cards and craft supplies
Create Easter-themed cards and thank you notes

Why not create some Easter-themed stencils such as chicks, eggs and rabbits for your Easter cards and use these to colour in or paint the designs on the front? You could make these stand out by transforming them into 3D pop up cards too. These are ideal to double up as thank you notes to send to friends and family to thank them for the lovely Easter treats this year or for spending a wonderful Easter break together.

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Rabbit bunting

A picture of Easter bunny bunting made from different colour card.
Decorate your home with Easter inspired bunting

Cut a selection of rabbit shapes out of cardboard – you can mix up the colours or choose the same coloured cardboard throughout, depending on your style or where you wish to display them. How you decorate the rabbit shapes is up to you and your children; rabbit features can be drawn on including faces and ears, or you could leave the cardboard plain and add a simple pompom towards the bottom of the cut-out to become the rabbit’s tail. When your rabbit shapes are ready, attach them to a piece of string and get ready to hang your rabbit bunting this Easter! If you don’t fancy creating a rabbit shape for your bunting, a simple egg shape and design would work just as well.