Five furnishing ideas that let you take that holiday feeling home

A two-part image shows a swing on the beach on the left and a bedside table made from a wooden swing on the right
Be inspired by your holiday and bring the things that amazed you home in small interior design projects.

Wanderlust? We’ve got five furnishing ideas to show you that let you bring that holiday feeling to your home with a few small DIY projects. Whether you decide to put the Caribbean in the bedroom or Portugal in the living room, the days until your next adventure will fly by! Be inspired.

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Surfer style – made in Portugal

A two-part image shows a surf shop on the left and a shelving unit made from wine boxes on the right.
Let surfer-style inspiration wash over you and make your shelving unit the coolest one in town.

Have you ever grabbed your surfboard and hit the wild waves crashing off the Portuguese coast? You no longer need to leave the surfer style at the beach! This wall decoration made from fruit pallets in various colours and vibrant squares is just as laid-back as your days riding the waves – if not more. You can easily recreate this fruit-pallet shelving by following our step-by-step instructions.

Stick colourful adhesive tape to the wall to create this decorative aesthetic. Picture frames break up the look and add a unique touch. If you need some help hanging the frames up, you can watch our step-by-step tutorial: How to hang a picture on a concrete wall. Now, add a few souvenirs to the fruit pallets and your wall decoration will make the memories of chasing the perfect wave come flooding back.

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A beach romance straight from the Caribbean

A two-part image shows a swing on the beach on the left and a bedside table made from a wooden swing on the right.
The swing: perfect for the playground, a Caribbean beach or by your bed.

Anyone who has felt the soft sand of the spectacular beaches found in the Caribbean or Southeast Asia beneath their feet has also definitely come across the picturesque wooden swings dotted along the sandy shores. Nothing optimises that unforgettable, romantic feeling quite like enjoying the holiday sunset while gently swinging to and fro in time with the delicate sounds of the sea.
Would you love to be reminded of this feeling every morning? Then build your own beach swing in just a few simple steps . What’s more is that it doesn’t require a complicated fixture in the ceiling to be used as a bedside table. Simply hang it up as you normally would, and a few work steps later you might even hear the waves softly lapping at the sand when you wake up.

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Cool Californian colours

A two-part image shows a lifeguard hut on the beach on the left and a sideboard in front of a green-striped wall on the right.
California dreaming: Welcome the Californian lifestyle into your home by choosing the perfect colours.

You don’t need to jump on a plane to feel like you’re in California. Light, creamy colours in a striped pattern will transform your home into a Californian beach house.
Bring the coastal flair to your wall by using masking tape to create the stripes (they should stay white). We recommend using a cross line laser to ensure your wall design also has straight edges later. You can set it up so that a vertical laser beam runs along your wall that you can use as orientation. Paint, leave to dry, remove the masking tape and you’re done! Now the summer will shine in your room all year long and you can dream of California from the comfort of your sofa. All that’s missing is the sound of the sea.

Want to apply paint to your wall evenly? You can do this with far greater success by using a paint spray system instead of paintbrushes and rollers. The paint nozzle can be set to spray vertically, horizontally or in a circular motion. We recommend using the vertical setting to create your Californian dream. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can bring the Californian beach house style to your walls. And all without tired arms. You can find out more here.

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Something with a bit more je ne sais quoi

A two-part image shows a French café on the left and a folding table made from wood on the right.
The DIY folding table brings French style to your living room.

Have you ever lost an afternoon to roaming the narrow streets of Paris? Then it definitely wasn’t long before you stopped at one of the city’s many quaint cafés. The cute little tables are just too inviting to not stop and enjoy a Café au lait.
Even though your holiday had to come to an end, you can still continue to serve the coffee in true Parisian style: We’ll show you how to build a small folding table inspired by French chic in a few simple steps.

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Wall decoration from the Orient

A two-part image shows a narrow street in an oriental country on the left and a white tapestry on the right.
Back in fashion: macramé as a flat tapestry.

Have you heard about macramé? If you’ve ever taken a trip to the Orient, then you’ll definitely know all about the knotting technique that uses thin ropes and cords. The works of art adorn living rooms and narrow streets in the region in the form of wall tapestries or suspensions for plants. Oriental wall tapestries were very popular in Germany in the 1970s. And now they’re back. The artistically woven or knotted creations are once again gracing the walls of stylish globetrotters and trend-conscious DIY enthusiasts. Check out our wall hanging special to find all the inspiration you could ever need when it comes to giving your home a touch of the Orient. We’ll also point you in the direction of the trendiest Instagram accounts for all things macramé.

Inspiration overload? Then it’s time to get stuck in: Grab all the materials and tools you’ll need and bring that holiday feeling to your own four walls. We hope you have lots of fun creating and decorating.