Be inspired all year round – with these 18 gardening tips

A father and daughter sitting in a garden in front of a big screen, watching a film.
Add a magical touch to your garden with an open-air cinema.

For the new year, our resolution is to spend more time outdoors. Same for you? Then take a look at these 18 gardening projects that we've put together for you to tackle over the coming year. Ready? Then let’s get started!

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Grow your own food

A hand pulling a radish out of the earth.
Here’s a simple tip: grow your own fruit and veg. Trust us, they’ll taste a lot better than shop-bought varieties. © istock

Like organic produce? Want to shop “plastic free”? By growing your own fruit and veg, you can do something good for yourself and the environment. Throw in a few domestic and exotic herbs and, hey presto, your garden will become a self-catering oasis.

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Spruce up your vegetable patch

Yellow, red and purple potatoes.
Variety is the spice of life: did you know you can also grow red and purple potatoes?

Enough of the green stuff – how about some purple potatoes or carrots instead? Vitelotte is one of the most well-known types of colourful potatoes. It tastes a little nuttier than traditional potato and may even remind you of chestnuts. If carrots are more your thing, a combination of orange and purple ones will definitely brighten up your plate.

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Preserve the taste of summer

Glass jars filled with fruit preserves and vegetables on a checked tablecloth.
Which homemade conserve will you choose?

To reap the benefits of your harvest in winter too, preservation is key. Cook or roast vegetables such as garlic and herbs and pour them into a thick jar for antipasti, and turn your fruit into jams, compotes or sauces. Use a special canner/cooker or the oven to make conserves: with the latter, simply place the full jars in a drip pan filled with water, heat the oven to 175 degrees Celsius and leave the jars in there for half an hour. Your preserves should last for some time.

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Could you be a garden trendsetter?

Three orange day lilies growing side by side.
Day lilies will really catch the eyes of passers-by, with new flowers every day.

Allow us to introduce: day lilies. Their shimmering flowers come in a variety of colours – and the plant is also extremely easy to care for. Each flower only blooms for one day, but new ones come in on a daily basis.

Oh, and did we mention you can even eat the flowers?!

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Help the bees

A bee buzzing around blooming lavender.
Bees love lavender

No garden is complete without bees, right? But as you may have heard, our little yellow-and-black-striped friends are in danger. That’s why everyone should commit to turning their garden into a paradise for bees this year. Plants such as purple tansy, yarrow, lavender and marigolds are just a few of their favourites.

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Create that holiday feeling at home in your garden

Cacti and succulents in miniature pots, standing on a wooden table
Easy on the eye and low-maintenance: cacti and succulents

If you want your garden to stand out from the crowd, cacti and succulents are the way forward. They come in lots of different varieties and require very little care or attention. You can even create your own terrarium to bring your cacti and succulents indoors.

To create your own terrarium check out our simple how to guide here.

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Enjoy a movie night outside

A daughter and her father sitting in their garden in front of a screen, watching a film.
A garden-based cinema will appeal to all age groups

Want to make the most of your garden in the summer, but still spend quality time with friends? If a barbecue isn’t up your street, why not build your own open-air cinema? All you need is a projector, a screen (you could even use a large piece of white cloth) and plenty of comfy cushions to sit on.

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Tidy up your herb garden

Parsley, mint and basil growing in clay pots marked with the names of the herbs.
Labels can help you keep track of which herbs you’re growing in your garden or on your balcony

Do you find your herbs grow really well – but sometimes you aren’t 100% sure which one is which? Simply label the pots with chalk or write the names on a small piece of slate. Too easy? Then consider making your own signs: just saw up thin strips of wood and paint them with blackboard paint.

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Our gardening tip for spring: create your own vertical garden

Herbs and plants grow in a vertical garden made from a pallet.
Want a herb garden or green oasis on your balcony? This vertical garden can be both. © Flora Press Deko

Spring cleaning isn’t just for indoors – it’s good to get everything in order outside, too, as soon as the first rays of sunshine appear. That’s why spring is the perfect time to create your own vertical garden ; when it’s in full bloom, it’ll really make an impression.

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Another spring gardening tip: get around to making your own herb garden

All the tools you need to make your own herb garden, lying on a wooden table.
Making your own herb garden isn’t difficult – you just have to find the time to do it. © mauritius images/Westend61/Gaby Wojciech

Supermarket herbs are always the same: basil, thyme, parsley – there’s just no variety. So there’s only one thing to do: make your own herb garden . Here we give you a few tips to help you along – so you can’t make any more excuses!

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Our gardening tip for summer: make your own garden table

A DIY garden table made from four fruit crates and a glass pane.
This garden table made from old fruit crates could easily pass as a designer item.

What trendy furniture designers can do, you can do it better – right?! Make your own garden table from old fruit crates and you’ll have your neighbours turning green with envy.

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Get around to hanging your hammock up properly

A hammock hanging between two trees in a garden
Once you’ve set up your hammock properly, you can spend all summer lounging in the garden

Don’t let another summer pass by where you stand in the garden holding your hammock, wondering how to properly hang it up.

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Our gardening tip for autumn: make your own bird feeder

A wooden bird feeder hanging on a tree in a garden.
It’s not just the birds who will be happy with this home-made bird feeder

With this home-made bird feeder, you get a chance to hone your DIY skills and the local birds can enjoy some extra food – it’s a win-win situation. You can find complete instructions on how to make the feeder, which can also function as a bird bath, here .

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Our gardening tip for winter: a Swedish flame

A fire burns from inside a log.
The log is sawn in a way so that the fire burns from inside out, creating the “Swedish flame”

New, innovative light sources can make your garden seem magical in the autumn. Take the Swedish flame, for example. To make your own, saw a large log in the same way you would cut a cake, down to the middle. Then place a fire lighter insider the log and light it. Now sit back and enjoy your new light, and an extra bit of warmth, in the garden.

Be sure to place the log on a fireproof surface – just in case any sparks go flying or any embers fall off.
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Garden furniture trends

Grey wicker furniture with light-blue cushions on a patio.
Grey tones with accent colours are bang on trend for next year

When it comes to garden trends, next year is all about grey furniture paired with bold accent colours in the form of cushions or other furnishings. In general, garden furniture is becoming more high quality and more comfortable – so you can even turn your garden into an outdoor living room this summer.

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Turn old furniture into almost new

A metal table and stool in a garden, both extremely rusty.
Spring and autumn are the perfect time to remove rust from your garden furniture

Has your rusty garden furniture seen better days? Don’t worry – you can restore most furniture to its former glory all by yourself!

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Grow an apple in a bottle

A green apple growing in a glass bottle, hanging on a tree
This bottled apple will impress any kid

Want to fascinate your little ones outdoors? Then show them how they can magically grow an apple in a bottle. Mid to late May is the perfect time to set this up – just when you can see the fruit starting to grow on apple trees.

Insert the baby fruit into an upside down bottle, and tie it firmly to the tree. Now you and your child can watch the apple grow in the bottle.

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Make sure everything has a home

Firewood, flower pots and a garden hose are stored on a black shelving unit.
Some garden shelves makes it easier to store your tools and other accessories

Garden tools, a hose, flower pots, firewood, citronella candles, toys ... you need a lot of things to maintain and enjoy your garden. Some waterproof garden shelves can help you keep everything neat and tidy. And you can even build them yourself! Find out how to here .