Halloween inspired arts and crafts

A child holding a pumpkin on an Autumn day.

Autumn is one of our favourite times of year, and with Halloween approaching we’ve put our heads together and come up with some of our favourite crafting ideas to complete before the end of the month.

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Autumnal door wreath

  • Halloween inspired door wreath hanging on a front door.
  • Halloween inspired door wreath.

Why limit the opportunity to adorn your front door with a wreath to Christmas? October is the perfect time to have a go at creating an autumnal or spooky themed wreath, and an ideal practice run for the festive season! Using colourful leaves, acorns, conkers and pumpkins you could create a very classy looking door arrangement. All you need is a foam ring and stub wires (available from most florists) and some twine or ribbon to hang the wreath, then add whatever takes your fancy in terms of adornments. For more of a Halloween theme, go for purples, blacks and oranges and add in spookily themed ribbons, cobwebs and spiders.

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  • Halloween inspired candle sitting on a wooden table.
  • A group of lighted pumpkins with candles sitting next to them.

Nothing says Halloween better than the traditional pumpkin lantern which is a great opportunity to get creative and carve something special. However, there are a number of other ways to introduce Halloween into your décor – such as candles. Try taking some simple white and red candles, light the red one and carefully drip the wax over the white one to create a gory blood bath scene. Or why not take a collection of plain white candles and use a black marker to create a gathering of ghostly faces?

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Mason jars

  • A person putting a design on a glass jar with a permanent marker pen.
  • Orange and white pumpkin jar decoration illuminated.

The humble mason jar is a crafters dream. There’s so much you can do with it! Start off with a Mummy jar. Simply wrap the jar in bandages and pop on some googly eye stickers sneakily peeping through. Or stretch out some cotton wool and dot it with toy spiders to create a spooky spiders web. You could also create a fantastic silhouette by wrapping or painting a jar and using black card or paint to apply your design, then just pop in an electric tealight and it will shine through to produce your own scary scene.

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Kids craft

  • A picture of a halloween inspred craft spider.
  • Handprint design on a paper plate.

Kids who love crafting will jump at the opportunity to get stuck in to some Halloween activities and create their own decorations, so get out the craft box and paints and get creative! Paper plates can be the perfect base to create a Halloween themed character – maybe a black cat, a gruesome green witch, a ghastly ghost or a plump orange pumpkin. Or paint some pebbles and add pipe cleaner legs to make your own scary spider.

If you fancy something more adventurous we’ve got a guide to creating your own Halloween themed wooden pumpkin basket. Try it out for yourself here . Happy Halloween!