Top 10 cool wall storage ideas

Two different wooden sticks with different decorative objects and some plants on them.

As well as giving you somewhere to keep your things, cupboards and shelves can also really make a statement! Many of these cupboards are also really easy to make yourself.

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Wood and leather

A wooden plank fastened with a light brown band

These pale leather handles and white wood give a real Scandinavian feel!

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A wall of shelves

A hanging wooden plank with different dimensions, which is naturally fixed to the ceiling. Filled with books and some plants and decorative objects.

From a boring wall to a cool eyecatcher: you can fit a lot of stuff on these shelves.

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Works of art

Some hanging wooden planks attached to the wall with cotton bands on a nail.

These stunning hanging shelves are practically a work of art in their own right. Perfect for all those little trinkets that deserve to be on display!

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Branch shelf

Two different wooden sticks with different decorative objects and some plants on them.

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A nice-looking stick that you found in the wood or a branch out of your own garden can also double as ‘hanging space’.

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A hanging tray

Two examples of cotton discs that are attached to the ceiling with sturdy cotton bands.

Ideal as a nightstand or side table next to the sofa. This hanging shelf even makes vacuuming easy!

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Preserving jars

A wooden stick on the wall with 5 glasses screwed onto the stick. The glasses are filled with some hygiene and cosmetic products and some jewellery.

Not enough work-space and too much stuff? Make a preserving jar rack. Find out here how it’s done!

A hanging hatstand

A wooden branch attached to the ceiling with two brown straps. In the branch itself there are some metal hooks for clothes, which can be used as a wardrobe.
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Macramé idea

Two wooden sticks of different dimensions, connected with macramé art bands hanging from the ceiling and filled with some decorative objects.

Instead of rope, you could use any supportive material to make your work of art. How about a macramé rope?

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A leather bag

Two books hanging in a belt and fixed to the wall with a nail

Keep it all together with a leather strap or band for a sophisticated look.

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Downright beautiful

On the wall hangs an old round wooden plank filled with some children's toys. Fastened with a very thin cotton band.

This beautifully decorated wall cupboard is good enough to frame.