Ideas for creating a fairy garden

Miniature fairy tale fairy house build on a tree trunk
Create your own fairy garden with your little ones

A fairy garden can take any form; it can be small or large, indoors or out. It’s entirely up to you how you want your fairy garden to look. Here are a few suggestions to help you and your little ones get creative.

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Miniature garden

  • Miniature fairy tale garden and house in a plant pot
    Tiny fairy tale garden
  • Miniature tea party with small chairs and table and lots of flowers
    Colourful romantic miniature garden
  • Miniature fairy tale garden with flowers and deers made in a plant pot
    Miniature garden in a plant pot

A good starting place is to create a tiny garden for your fairy friends. All you need is a large container or plant pot. Fill it with soil and decorate with a miniature house, small plants, pebbles and tiny fences. You can include anything you like in your miniature garden, we love adding colourful garden stones for an extra magical touch. Here are some suggestions.

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Turn tree trunks into fairy doorways

Miniature fairy tale fairy house build on a tree trunk
Turn tree trunks into fairy doorways

Place tiny front doors on tree trunks to act as doorways for fairies. You can make the front doors out of small pieces of wood or draw them onto the tree.

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Colourful planters

Dozen plants inside rainbow colored plant pots
Decorate plants pots in bright colours to add extra magic to your fairy garden

Add colour and magic to your fairy garden by planting flowers in colourful plant pots. You can use planters in all shapes and sizes. We love transforming teapots and teacups into miniature planters; they’re the perfect addition to any fairy garden. You could even purchase plain terracotta plant pots and get your little ones to decorate them for an extra personal touch.

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Magical water features

Attract water fairies by creating a miniature pond. Use a large waterproof container and fill with water. Decorate with pebbles and water plants. You could even add fish tank decorations.

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Hang up garden fairy lights

Hanged yellow light bulbs illuminating afternoon garden atmosphere
Hang up garden lights for extra fairy sparkle

To add extra fairy sparkle to your garden, hang outdoor lights along a garden fence or in a tree. We especially love solar panel fairy lights, as they don’t need to be plugged into the mains making them perfect for the garden.