Ideas for decorating your shed

A picture of colourful sheds
Here's our ideas for decorating your garden shed

In recent years, the humble shed has become more than just a storage place for all of your garden tools, it’s now used as a second lounge, an arts and craft room, a home office or even a game rooms. So we’ve put together some ideas for decorating this useful space.

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  • A picture of a blue shed
    Why not go nautical with a blue shed
  • A picture of a garden with furniture

Turn your garden shed into a beach hut by painting it in a bright blue shade or opt for stripes. Then simply add nautical themed accessories to bring the seaside to your garden. It’s really that easy.

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Outdoor pub

Turn your shed into an outdoor pub, perfect for summer parties or celebrating the World Cup. Depending on the size of your shed, you can create a wooden bar and place it in the shed or for smaller sheds; you can simply use a table inside your shed as the bar. Then all you need to do is add glasses and stock up on your favourite drinks.

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Create an outdoor lounge

A picture of coloured cushions in a wooden shed
Decorate your shed with lots of cushions and blankets

Enjoy more of the summer sun by turning your shed into outdoor living room. Simply paint your shed inside and out in a colour of your choice. We love neutral tones inside and darker shades outdoors as the weather will make the paint fade over time. Then add soft furnishings such as beanbags or cushions and a coffee table.

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Sweet and simple

A picture of coloured sheds
Add colouful stripes to your shed for a pop of colour

For a quick and easy idea, decorate your shed with stripes or spots in colours of your choice. We love lavender and white for a calming look or red and white for a classic summer look.

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Tropical paradise

Transform your garden shed into a tropical paradise by creating a Hawaiian themed hut. Add a tiki bar and decorate with tropical themed accessories. It’s perfect if you’re planning a summer party or BBQ.