Create our minimalistic Christmas tree

A wooden triangle decorated with baubles is reminiscent of a Christmas tree.
Try create our handmade tree

  • Difficulty
  • Cost
    4-6 £
  • Duration
    1-3 h


Looking to scale down your Christmas tree or want a new centre piece? Why not create our minimalistic version of the classic Christmas tree with decorative red baubles. Simply just follow our easy step by step guide.

You need
  • pocket rule
  • pencil
  • g-clamps
  • work gloves
  • safety glasses
  • pliers
  • Wooden strip: 300 x 8 cm (LxW)
  • wood glue
  • Hook for hanging: 4x30 mm (DxL)
  • Transparent cord
  • Christmas baubles as decoration
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's go - step by step

Step 1 6

Determine the size of the Christmas tree

Marking out the size of the Christmas tree on a wooden strip using a pencil and tape measure
How big should your homemade Christmas tree be?

You need: pocket rule, pencil, Woolden strip

First, decide the size of your crafted Christmas tree. If you make the "long" sides to 60 cm and the short to 45 cm, you get a slightly larger tree, which you can put well on the floor, for example. If you want to use the Christmas tree as a table decoration, choose a smaller size with wooden boards in 40 cm, 40 cm and 30 cm in length. Once you have decided, measure out the correct size on the wooden strips using a measuring tape.

Step 2 6

Saw off the wooden strip at the desired angle

With a mitre saw, the wooden strip is cut at a right angle.
Use a mitre saw to cut at angles

You need: Mitre saws, Circular saw blade special, NanoBlade saw, g-clamps, safety glasses, work gloves

To ensure the wooden strips fit into a triangle shape, they must be sawn in the correct angle. Here are the angle for our example:

Board 1: 60 cm in lengthMitre left: 45 degrees (top of the fir-tree) Mitre right: 22.5 degrees (foot of the Christmas tree)

Board 2: 60 cm in lengthMitre left: none (top of fir-tree) Mitre right: 22.5 degrees (foot of the Christmas tree)

Board 3: 45 cm in lengthMitre left: 22.5 degrees Mitre right: 22.5 degrees

In order to cut these angles use a mitre saw. Remember to secure the wooden strip with screw clamps and wear protective goggles.

Step 3 6

Sand the corners and edges

The end of the wooden strip is sanded with a mult-sander.
Use a multi-sander to get a smooth finish

You need: Multi-sander, Sanding sheet for multi-sander G120, Sanding sponge, safety glasses

To ensure a smooth finish, sand down the edges with a cordless multi-sander. Remember to wear protective goggles.

Step 4 6

Glue the wooden strips in the shape of a triangle

Glue is applied to the end of the wooden strip.
The glued wooden strips are joined together to form a triangle.

You need: wood glue

Now it's time to create the triangle shape. Using the same example as earlier, here’s how we glued the boards together:

  • Board 1 (left) with board 2 (left)
  • Board 1 (right) with board 3 (left)
  • Board 2 (right) with board 3 (right)

Apply wood glue to the ends and press the strips together to ensure they stick. It’s best to do this at each corner for 30-60 seconds.

Step 5 6

Drill the hole for the hook

A cordless drill is used to drill a hole into the top of the homemade tree.
Drill a hole for the hook

You need: Cordless Drill, Brad point drill bits

In order to hang the Christmas tree baubles at the top of your homemade tree, you need to attach a hook. To do this drill a hole at the stop of your tree. Use a wood drill bit 3mm or smaller and make sure to drill the hole slowly.

Step 6 6

Attach the hook

With a pair of pliers, a hook attached to the top of the crafted wooden tree.
Attach the hook to the tree

You need: pliers, Hook, transparent string, baubles

Now attach the hook into the hole you just drilled. You can do this either by hand or using a pair of pliers, so it’s easier to get into the narrow corner. Then hang the baubles on a transparent string from the hook for the finishing touch.

Your tree is now complete.