Our 5 top tips for the perfect lawn

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Check out our 5 top tips for the perfect lawn

We’ve put together our top tips to help you achieve a luscious, beautiful lawn.

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Stop cutting your lawn too short

Cutting your grass too short to help reduce the frequency with wich you need to mow the lawn can cause more damage. Cutting your grass too short can also cause the grass to burn out creating brown spots. Instead, you should cut your lawn often but with the blades of your lawnmower around 4 inches off the ground.

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Recycle grass clippings

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Feed your lawn with the mulch collected

Feed your lawn with mulch collected from mowing your lawn. Leaving the clippings on your lawn will add vital nutrients back into the soil to help your grass grow healthy.

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Sharpen your blades

Make sure your lawnmower blades are sharp so you can achieve a smooth cut. You can easily purchase replacement blades for most lawnmowers.

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Water your lawn

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Always water your lawn in dry spells

If there is a dry spell make sure to water your lawn to encourage healthy growth, taking care not to overwater as this may cause mroe damage.

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Maintain your lawn

Carry out small maintenance tasks when you spot them. For example, if you notice a bare patch of grass lay down some grass seed. Continuous lawn maintenance when needed will help to keep your lawn looking its best.