Wall decoration: easy way to paint a wall

A colourful pattern is painted on a white wall.
Add a creative touch: accent an otherwise boring white wall with a design
  • Difficulty
  • Cost
    < 25 £
  • Duration
    5 h


Are you looking for inspiration to help you paint a wall? How about using contemporary shapes and colours to decorate it? A wall design is a real head-turner and adds your own creative touch to a room. We will show you how to tape and paint it nicely.

It should go without saying that your safety is paramount throughout every step of the project, so make sure you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. You can find an overview of the correct protective clothing you need when using each type of tool here:

You need

Let's go - step by step


Define the borders

Painter tape is applied to a wall to mark the borders for the design.
Green lines are projected onto a white wall using a cross line laser unit.
Painter tape is applied to a wall to mark the borders for the design.
Green lines are projected onto a white wall using a cross line laser unit.

You need:
Laser lignes Quigo green
tripod, adhesive tape

You need to consider a few things before you start painting a design on your wall. How do you envision the design? What scale do you want to use? We recommend sketching out your idea first.

Our project here will focus on a design with straight lines only. You can use the laser unit to project lines onto your wall (image 1). This will make it easier for you to apply the tape to the wall.

You need to establish the borders for your design. Adjust the tripod with the cross line laser unit so that you project the lower and left edge of the overall design onto the wall.

Apply painter tape to the outer edges along the laser lines (image 2).

Repeat both steps (adjusting the laser lines and taping) for the upper and right edge. The painter tape should now outline a rectangular shape.


Apply tape to the wall

Lines are projected onto a wall using a cross line laser unit and tape applied in the design.

Make sure that the painter tape is sealed against the wall along the lines of the laser unit.

You need:
Cross line laser Quigo green
tripod, adhesive tape

The outer border of your design is ready. Now you need to apply tape to the wall to create the individual shapes of your design.

To do so, move the laser lines along the vertical and horizontal axes. Work through each shape step by step. Once the lines are in the right position, you can apply tape for your shape. 


Cover wall with plastic and cut out shapes

Shapes are cut out of the plastic covering a wall.

Cut out the shapes so that the painter tape underneath continues to define the borders.

You need: protective sheet, adhesive tape, box knife or scissors

Before you reach for the can of paint, you will need to cover the wall completely, even the area where your design will be. This way you avoid accidentally getting paint where it does not belong. You can use regular plastic sheet.

Use a box knife or scissors to cut out the areas where you plan to spray/paint.

Watch out: If you plan to use a variety of colours, first cut out only the areas that will have the same colour applied. Then you can start painting/spraying (see step 4).

Proceed in the same way with all other areas.


Paint and spray

A wall covered in plastic sheet is spray-painted using a paint spray system

It makes sense to use a paint spray system for larger surfaces.

You need:
PFS 2000
paint brush or roller, plastic sheet or drop cloth, Paint for the wall

Now it’s time to paint. You have various options to apply paint to the wall. The fastest option (especially for larger surfaces) is to use a paint spray system. Never used one before? Check out our Paint Spray System Guide for everything related to spray-painting.

For smaller areas you can use a brush or roller.

Wait for the paint to dry. Then you can carefully remove the plastic sheet and painter tape and enjoy your new design.