Create this Pumpkin-Inspired Wooden Basket for Halloween

A pumkin-inspired wooden basket.
Create this pumpkin basket for your spooky treats.

  • Difficulty
  • Cost
    < 50 £
  • Duration
    1-3 h


When the little ones go door to door trick or treating on October 31st, it’s not only their costumes that should be stylish. The kids need a matching, scary-looking collection box that they can keep all of their spooky treats in. This painted pumpkin-inspired wooden basket is comfortable to hold thanks to its wooden rod carrying handle, and it looks great too!

You need
  • pencil
  • g-clamps
  • small spatula
  • paint brush
  • protective sheet
  • work gloves
  • adhesive tape
  • wood glue
  • meter rule
  • 1 board, 2 m long (22 x 200 mm), spruce, for the basket
  • 1 board, 1 m long (22 x 300 mm), spruce, for the pumpkin
  • 1 broomstick/wooden rod, at least 40 cm long (approx. 24 mm diameter), for the carrying handle
  • 14 wood screws, galvanised (3.5 x 40 mm)
  • 0.5 l black wood paint, for the basket, suitable for infants (EN 71-3 standard)
  • 0.5 l orange wood paint, for the pumpkin, suitable for infants (EN 71-3 standard)
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's go - step by step

Step 1 7

Download the construction plan and mark out the basket parts

Picture if all the tools and materials needed for the project.
Here's what you need

Once you have downloaded the construction plan and the pumpkin template. Print them out on A4 and mark all the parts for the basket on the narrower board. Draw the two pumpkin-style end pieces on the wider board using the template.

Construction Plan

Step 2 7

Time to get the jigsaw out

Jigsaw cutting wood into shape of the basket.
Cut out your basket and the pumpkin shapes

You need: Cordless jigsaw PST 18 LI, BIM jigsaw blade, T 308 BF, Jigsaw blade T 308 BOF, pencil, g-clamps, wooden board (2000 x 200 x 22 mm), wooden board (1000 x 3000 x 22 mm)

Fix the boards securely to a workbench using G-clamps and cut out the individual parts carefully using a cordless jigsaw. Then fix the wooden rod to the bench and use the cordless jigsaw to shorten it to the length of the side sections of the basket (40 cm). For extra authenticity, you can cut an old broomstick to use as the carrying handle!

Step 3 7

Sand down the wooden pieces for a smooth finish

A multi-sander sanding down wooden pieces
Sand down the rough ends

You need: Multi-sander PSM Primo, g-clamps

To make sure that the little ghosts do not injure themselves on the rough cut edges or get wood splinters, carefully sand down all sawn parts using a multi-sander.

Step 4 7

Don't forget to pre-drill

With the drilling attachment for the IXO a hole is drilled into a wooden plate.

You need: Cordless screwdriver

Then pre-drill the individual parts as specified in the construction plan using a cordless screwdriver with a matching drilling adapter and a thin wood drill bit (2.5 mm). Don’t forget to fix them to a workbench to ensure a secure hold.

Step 5 7

Put the basket together

A cordless screwdriver is used to screw screws into a wooden board.

You need: Cordless Drill, wood glue, g-clamps, Screws

Keep the cordless screwdriver but lose the drilling adapter. Once you have done this, using the wood glued assemble the parts in a “U” shape as specified in the construction plan and glue together . Then use the cordless screwdriver to screw the side sections and the base to each other.

Step 6 7

Time to decorate your basket

Paining the basket black with a paint spray system
Add some colour to your basket

You need: Paint Spray System PFS 1000, protective sheet, adhesive tape, paint black, paint orange

Now to give the Halloween box its scary look. Carefully apply the desired basic colour, such as black, to the base, side sections and the wooden rod using a paint spray system or alternatively use a paint brush. If you want to paint the box in various different colours, it is best to do it in steps. To do so, use film or tape beforehand to thoroughly mask the areas you are going to paint a different colour.

Step 7 7

Adding the finishing touches

Screwing the pumkin heads onto the basket using a cordless screwdriver
Screw the pumpkin heads to your basket

You need: Cordless screwdriver, paint brush, Screws, paint

Spray the two pumpkin-shaped head pieces orange using a paint spray system. After a drying time of about two hours, use a cordless scredriver, the drilling adapter and a wood drill bit (2.5 mm) to pre-drill four holes on each head and side section. Then remove the drilling adapter and screw the pumpkin heads to the box. Make sure to fit the wooden rod between the two stems of the pumpkins using screws to fasten. Finally, use a paintbrush and paint to draw a spooky fun face on the pumpkins, the template can also be used for this. After a drying time of approximately 24 hours, the box is ready to be taken trick or treating.