Refresh your home within a weekend

A picture of a cosy lounge with a grey sofa and standing lamp
It doesn't take a lot of time or money to refresh your home just follow our top tips.

Many people think it costs time and money to keep up with the latest trends. However, if you’re short on time or budget, there are still simple and cost effective ways to give your home a light refresh in time for spring.

Let there be light

Colour can have a real impact on your living space and those living in it. Nothing freshens up a space more than a lick of paint and letting in some natural light. While fabrics like tweed and velvet are beautiful all year round, they can feel too heavy for spring and the warmer months. Pack these away and use lighter colours such as whites, beiges, greys, camel, and blush pink around your home. These shades are really trendy and will instantly transform your home into a beautifully stress-free zone.


A picture of shelves with a wicker basket and a stack of colourful towels
Use space saving storage units to help keep a clutter-free bedroom

For most of us our bedrooms don’t mimic those of hotel rooms but naturally a clutter free environment makes for a better night’s sleep. When we think of spring our minds automatically think of fresh and clean. Help make that clutter-free dream a reality by filling clever space saving furniture such as divan beds or ottomans with any extra linens, towels, remote controls, magazines and children’s toys as well as other items you have around your room.

New additions

Update your home with spring in mind. New additions or subtle changes such as introducing a playful light fixture, an accent rug or buying a piece of art are simple ways to completely transform and bring a space to life without purchasing those larger interior pieces.

Renew and refresh

A picture of a double bed with new bed linen in a grey tone with matching cusions
Nothing beats a fresh set of linen!


One of the best cost free decorating tips is to have a reshuffle. Rearranging the floor plan of your living room often highlights a better use of space. Moving around some furniture is a really quick update for a new season and will leave you feeling as though you’re walking into a brand new space.