3 simple ideas to renovate the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen

Discover how you can easily renovate your kitchen or bathroom tiles with our 3 simple ideas.

Here's how you do it

Kitchen with a sink and white tiles
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Option 1 - Re-grout your tiles:

White tiles with black grout.
Option 1: Newly grouted tiles

Simple but effective - you can easily renovate your bathroom or kitchen with newly grouted tiles. You will need:

Step 1:

Start by removing the joints with the multi-function tool and the segment saw blade attachment. Make sure not to damage the tiles. Use a utility knife to remove tricky sections or leftover residue. Then clean the joints with a hand vacuum.

  • A multifunction tool removes the joints of a white tile wall.
    One way to renovate your tiles: redesign the joints.
  • The joints of a white tile mirror are scraped out with a carpet knife.
    Remove small remains with a utility knife.
  • A Bosch cordless hand vacuum is used to clean white tiles.
    The tiles are cleaned with a hand vacuum cleaner.

Step 2:

Once you have removed the joints, you can apply the new grout. First, prepare the new grout as indicated on the packaging. Then spread the mixture over the tiles using a spatula. Remove the excess remainder with a sponge. When everything has dried properly, you clean the tiles thoroughly.

Black grout is applied to a white tiled wall with a spatula.
Now add the new grout to the tiles.
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Option 2 – Renovate your tiles by adding a varnish:

A newly painted blue tile wall.
Option 2: Repaint the tiles

Choose a tile varnish in your favorite colour to redesign your kitchen or bathroom tiles. You will need:

  • paint roller with tray
  • floor cover
  • masking tape

Step 1:

First, thoroughly clean the tiles and, if necessary, glue the joints (including silicone joints) or remove them. The apply masking tape to the edges of the tiles and cover furniture with a protective cover.

Step 2:

Apply the tile adhesion evenly and leave to dry. Once this has dried, you can apply the paint, some paints may require a sealant. Once you're done, it's best to remove the masking tape when the paint hasn’t completely dried.

Black tiles are painted with a paint roller in blue.
Refurbish your tiles with a new coat of paint
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Option 3 - Refurbish your tiles with an adhesive film:

White tiles are covered with black foil.
Option 3: Refurbish tiles with an adhesive film

For this option, you will need the following materials and tools:

Step 1:

Check the measurements of your tiles and transfer to the adhesive film using a tape measure and a pen. Then cut out the pieces of the adhesive film using the cutting attachment for the IXO. Next, place the adhesive film neatly, tile by tile onto your wall. It’s best to keep the film at regular intervals using a set square or a ruler to prevent bubbles from forming.

A Tip: You can purchase tile films tailored to standard sized tiles in the hardware stores.

  • White tiles are measured with a tape measure.
    Start by measuring the size of your tiles
  • A piece of black adhesive film, the size of a tile, is placed onto a wall.
    Then place the adhesive film neatly onto the tile

Step 2:

If you want to renew the joints without replacing them, you can lighten them with a special grout pen as soon as all the tiles have been re-furbished.

With a white paint pen, the joints are painted after the tiles have been tiled.
Finally, colour the joints with a grout pen

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