Spice up your cocktails this summer

Selection of herbs in a white bowl
Spice up your summer cocktails with our top five herbs

We’re all familiar with a mint infused mojito, but have you ever thought of using sage or rosemary in a cocktail? Herbs can add a wonderful kick to a number of different cocktails, and are easy to grow in your garden or on your balcony. Here’s our top five choices to spice up your cocktails with summer.

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Fresh mint flower and a chalk name tag saying mint
We love adding mint to our cocktails

Fresh mint is very versatile as it can be muddled (a fancy bartender’s term for crushed!), infused, or simply used to garnish your cocktails. We especially love mint in our pimms and mojitos. We recommend growing mint in its own plant pot, as it likes to spread when it grows.

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Fresh rosemary flowers
Rosemary is an easy herb to grow in your garden

Add a sprig of rosemary to your gin and vodka based drinks; we especially love rosemary in our G&T’s for a herby twist. Rosemary loves to be grown in shallow soil with direct sunlight, so make sure to grow it in sunniest spot of your garden or balcony.

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Fresh basil flower growing in a white mug
Muddle basil or simply use it to garnish your summer cocktails

Basil is great at adding flavour to gin, tequila or rum drinks. Muddle the herb or use it as a garnish. When growing basil make sure to grow it in a plant pot, as this will help prevent snails from eating all of its leaves.

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Lavender flower growing in a plant pot next to a metal watering can
Growing lavender will also bring a pop of colour to your garden

A sprig of lavender can transform your vodka and gin drinks as well as adding a pop of colour. Lavender is also great in lemonade for non-drinkers. Grow lavender in a place where it will get plenty of sunlight and harvest as its blossoms begin to open.

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A picture of fresh sage
Try sage in your next gin fizz for a taste of summer

Sage is great for infusing in spirits for a garden taste. Try sage in your next gin fizz for a taste of summer. Grow your sage in shallow soil that is well drained and in direct sunlight.

For more tips on how to create your herb garden, click here.