6 tips for decorating student accommodation

A picture of a bedroom
Here's our top tips for decorating student accommodation

In student accommodation your bedroom can look boring when you first enter and may it seem difficult to decorate given all the strict rules but we have the answer. Our top tips will help you add some colour and fun to your bedroom making it feel more like home.

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Let in the light

A picture of fairy lights above a bed
Add fairy lights to brighten your room

An easy way to brighten up your bedroom is by adding some fairy lights. These lights are relatively inexpensive and can instantly transform your room. Simply hang the lights across your bed frame or over a shelf. Light boxes are also brilliant for adding personal touches to your bedroom.

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Picture perfect

Every student will tell you hanging up photos and mementos are an essential in your bedroom. Most student bedrooms have pin-boards so make use of them. If you don’t have one not to worry you can hang your photos on your fairy lights with small wooden pegs. Put up pictures of your friends and family from home but make sure to leave space for photos with your new uni friends.

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Get comfy

  • A picture of a bedroom in the colours black and pink
    Choose colours that contrast with each other for a dramatic look
  • A picture of patterned cushions on a bed
    Add bright patterned cushions
  • A picture of a colourful bedroom
    We love this colour coordinated bedroom

The easiest way to add comfort and colour to your bedroom is lots of cushions and blankets. These are relatively cheap and take up little space but add great splashes of colour. Choose from cushions with quotes on, different shapes, sizes as well as different colours and textures. Don’t forget to arrange and add bright fluffy blankets to stay cosy in the winter months.

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Add some nature

  • A picture of a desk
    Add indoor plants to your desk to add a touch of nature
  • A picture a terrarium
    Easily make your own terrarium with our how to project

Bring some of the outdoors in with cacti and succulents. They’re the perfect plants for students as they don’t require much maintenance but make great decorations. Get crafty by creating your own terrarium or take the easy route by purchasing them ready made.

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Get organised

  • A picture of stationary in glass jars
    Use glass jars to store stationary
  • A picture of pens in a glass jar
    Use glass jars to store pens
  • A picture of makeup brushes in glass jars
    Keep makeup brushes tidy in glass jars

Mason jars have hundreds of uses but for students they make perfect pen or makeup brush holders. They are brilliant at keeping your desk tidy and organised. But what’s more they can even be used as glasses if you lose all of yours!

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Handy hooks

If you’re a student lucky enough to have an en-suite bathroom, space will be limited especially if you’re in halls so invest in over the door hooks - you won’t regret it. These hooks can add extra decoration to your room but have a great practical use.

With these easy tips and tricks you will have your student accommodation looking and feeling like home in no time!