Top tips to help you spruce up your house for sale

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Here are our top tips to help you spruce up your house for sale

Summer is the perfect time for selling your house, with gardens in full bloom and long light evenings enabling viewers to experience your home at its best. It’s also an ideal time to get a sale through before the slower summer holiday period. However, with the housing market as unpredictable and as competitive as ever, making your house stand out from the crowd is what will inevitably result in that all-important sale.

There are plenty of ways you can add value to your home – and they don’t all have to cost a fortune. Some quick and easy jobs can vastly increase your home’s appeal to potential buyers. We’ll tell you how to make some small changes, that could have a big impact.

Don’t underestimate kerb appeal

When you are trying to sell a property it’s really important that the outside and entrance look clean and refreshed as these are the first things a prospective buyer will see, and we all know that first impressions count! Make the outside of your house look as neat as possible by tidying the garden, mowing the lawn, jet washing your driveway, paths and paving and clearing the gutters. You could also refurbish the front door with a lick of paint. Once the entrance is looking spic and span, invest in a shiny house number and a door mat. These smaller cosmetic changes and the first impression they create may make all the difference when getting buyers through your front door.

A picture of houses
Don't underestimate kerb appeal!

Give your home a deep clean

It sounds obvious, but a deep clean is a great starting point with easy tasks like vacuuming and dusting. Don’t forget the windows and windowsills as well as surfaces such as the shower screen and mirrors. Our GlassVAC is the perfect companion for all these jobs and more.

Blitz the bathroom

The bathroom is the perfect place to add a bit of luxury without actually having to do much. Stick to simple ways to blitz your bathroom through quick and easy tasks such as replacing existing taps, toilet seats and shower heads or renewing the grouting around the edges of showers and basins. You can find out more about renovating your tiles here. Create more storage for all the toiletries and towels with corner shelves or new units, making use of all available space.

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Spruce up your bathroom

Keep it light and bright

That boldly patterned wallpaper may be to your taste but might not suit everyone. For the best chance of success provide people with a blank canvas. Let in the light by taking down heavy curtains or removing old nets or blinds. Refill old picture holes and cracks , and repaint rooms in neutral shades to provide a fresh, clean look. We’ve got some top tips for painting walls here.

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Give your rooms a fresh lick of paint

Accessories are your friends

If time is of the essence, a few well-chosen low cost accessories can instantly transform a room and most are easily transportable to your new home. Think about replacing old door knobs, handles and curtain rails. Bring in fresh flowers before a viewing and add a few colourful cushions to your sofa. Have a general declutter and tidy items into boxes and baskets, and pass on any unwanted items to a charity shop – there’s no point taking them with you! Here’s a few ideas on how you can refresh your home within a weekend.

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Adding home furnishings can instantly transform a room

Although it can be difficult to determine the value added by cosmetic changes within your home, a property that catches the eye, is clean and tidy and is attractively decorated will always stand out from the rest and carry a higher premium. So, put a weekend aside, make a list and good luck on finding your next dream home!