Our top 5 ways to stay warm and cosy on a budget

A picture of two people sat in front of a fire place wearing fluffy socks staying warm
Stay warm this winter with our top tips

Struggling to stay warm and cosy at home without incurring a costly heating bill? Here are our top 5 tips to help you stay nice and toasty on a budget this winter.

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Check for draughts

A picture of colourful materials used to make a draught excluder
Create your own homemade draught excluder

Check doorways and windows aren’t letting in a draught and seal if necessary. By sealing draughts, it will stop you needing to turn up the heating every so often. We recommend using a draught excluder , they’re inexpensive and can be made by hand. If you haven’t made one before not to worry, our simple step-by-step guide will help you make your own.

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Move furniture away from radiators

If possible, move any furniture that is in front of your radiators as this will help the hot air to circulate more. Just move the furniture a couple of inches away, giving the radiator more space for warm air to escape.

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Bleed your radiators

A picture of a white radiator
Make sure to check if your radiators need bleeding

If your radiators aren’t as warm as they should be, it may mean they need bleeding. To check if they do need bleeding simply run your hands over your radiators when the central heating is on, be careful it may be hot. If your radiators are cooler at the top than the bottom, then they need bleeding. To bleed your radiators, check out our handy article here for help.

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Hot water bottles and fluffy blankets

A picture of different warm blankets
Snuggle up in fluffy blankets to stay warm

It may be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but snuggling up in fluffy blankets with hot bottles will really help you stay warm. Next time you’re sat watching tv or reading a book and start to feel chilly save money and just snuggle up in extra blankets, it really does work!

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More efficient radiators

To reduce the amount of heat that escapes through your walls, place folded tinfoil sheets behind your radiators. This will help reflect the heat back into your house rather than in the walls, so your rooms should heat up faster.