Transform your spare room

A picture of a bedroom with wall paper and a double bed
Here are our ideas to help you make the most out of your space room

Without a plan, a spare room in your home can easily become a dumping ground for random items that don't have a proper place elsewhere. We’ve got some great ideas for helping you make the most of this valuable space.

Tech free chill zone

A picture of a woman reading a book on a wooden framed double bed
Turn your spare room into a stress free sanctuary

We all need an area to de-stress so creating a comfortable, technology-free zone in your home is definitely the way forward. Focus on keeping this space comfortable and quirky with plenty of blankets and throws, cushions, bean bags and rugs. To differentiate this space from the usual living area try to encourage a clutter and tech-free environment, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Ditch the television, mobile phone and the internet to give you the perfect private space to curl up with a best seller or take a nap.

Office space

A picture of an office with a desk, feature shelves and a bright yellow wall
Create an office space that suits you and your work needs

With new flexible working laws in place more of us are working from home now than ever before, so why not take the opportunity to create a home office space that’s both functional and stylish.

The beauty of having a designated room for your office is that it helps prevent piles of washing and ironing, or the distraction of the television or the fridge from peeling you away from the task at hand. The type of office you create really depends on the nature of your job, the length of time you spend working from home, not to mention your budget and the size of the space but include soothing neutral colours and plenty of storage options to keep your working area as organised and stress-free as possible.

Room for the grandkids

A picture of a spare room transformed into a kids playroom with white storage unit full of toys
Transform your spare room into a colourful playroom

If your children left home years ago, you may have had big ideas to transform their old bedrooms into dressing rooms, an area for your arts and crafts or even a home gym. In reality if you already have grandchildren or are expecting them at some point then you’re going to require this extra space for them.

To help ease the financial pressures of child care, grandparents are taking more of an active role in looking after their grandchildren during the week and throughout school breaks whilst parents are at work. Whether this is the case and you’re looking after the little ones on a regular basis or even for the odd sleepover, creating a space for the grandkids has become an increasingly popular trend for the use of spare rooms. Opt for brighter, playful colours and shapes that help create an environment that makes the grandkids look forward to visiting.

Beautiful guest suites

A picture of a stylish bedroom with wallpaper and double bed
Create a beautiful guest suite for when friends and family visit

One of the more traditional choices for a spare room is to create a beautiful guest suite for when friends and family come to visit. The type of home you have will dictate the styles and type of guest bedroom, however the main aim is to make that visitor feel as welcome and as comfortable in your home as possible.

Why not provide a clean and neutral space appealing to any sense of style and preference. Opt for lighter, softer tones and low-key shades such as greys, browns and whites to induce a feeling a calm for your guest. On the other end of the spectrum use the spare room as the chance to show off your tastes and personality to your guests by creating a themed or colourful bedroom.