Our top 5 upcycling tips

A picture of someone using a paintbrush to paint a wooden pallet white
Here are our top upcycling tips

Are you new to upcycling and in need of a few pointers to help you get started? Look no further here are our top 5 tips.


Tip 1: Select materials carefully

A picture of an upcycled wooden ladder made into a book shelf
We love this upcycled wooden ladder

Upcycle items and materials that will be able to withstand cutting, sanding and painting. If you’re new to upcycling, we suggest starting with wooden furniture as it’s an easy material to work with. Once you feel more confident you can move onto metal, stone and plastic.

Tip 2: Use the correct tools

It’s essential to have an upcycling toolkit as this will really help you get started. Here’s what’s in our toolbox:

  • Cordless screwdriver- we recommend the IXO
  • Cordless jigsaw - we recommend the PST 18 LI
  • Cordless combi drill- we recommend the PSB 18 LI
  • Cordless multi-sander- we recommend the PSM 18 LI

We love using cordless tools as it gives you the freedom to work indoors and out as well being able to manoeuvre around projects easily. One last necessity for every toolkit, is safety equipment. Don’t forget your gloves, goggles, face masks, ear plugs and screw clamps.

Tip 3: Be brave and take risks

A picture of someone painting a wooden pallet white with a paintbrush
Don't be afraid to try new things

Have self-belief in what you are creating and don’t be afraid to take risks with your projects. There are no set rules when you’re upcycling, anything goes. Just let yourself be creative and have fun.

Tip 4: Experiment with colours

A picture of fruit crates upcycled into a storage unit
Experiment with colours and textures

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and materials. We love chalkboard paint at the moment as it gives wooden furniture the perfect modern twist. Also give stencilling a go for an extra personal touch to your finished projects.

Tip 5: Mistakes aren’t always bad

You won’t get it right every time and you may make mistakes but it’s not always bad. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn something new that’s why some many people enjoy upcycling as you can always learn a new skill.

One last thing to remember have fun!