Our top four ideas for a vertical garden

vertical garden for small or large gardens made of pallets, planted with herbs, flowers and plants

A vertical garden is perfect if you love flowers and plants but don’t have much space – whether you have a balcony, a small terrace or a tiny garden. It takes up very little room and can usually be replanted with ease. Here we outline the four most beautiful ideas for a vertical garden.

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Vertical garden made from wire mesh

vertical garden for large and small gardens with jam jars hanging on wire mesh and planted with herbs, flowers and plants
Simple but beautiful: hang jam jars on wire mesh and add plants as you see fit.

This vertical garden is a wonderful way to decorate your balcony wall with a little grass, flowers or herbs! It’s up to you whether you use wire mesh or a steel mat. To give your vertical garden a vintage look, we recommend that you don’t buy new mesh. Instead, look for slightly rusty mesh. In place of jars, you can also use terracotta pots for an on-trend look.

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Vertical garden made from soup ladles

vertical garden for large and small gardens made from upcycled soup ladles and planted with herbs, flowers and plants
Soup ladles are a creative solution for your vertical garden.

Yes, you read that right! This vertical garden is made from old soup ladles. It looks especially beautiful if you buy lots of different types of ladles, for example, from flea markets. Whether you prefer flowers, herbs or popular succulents like those in the photo – this version of the vertical garden is particularly eye-catching. And if you can’t decide ... why not plant a mixture of all three?

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Vertical garden made from old pallets

vertical garden made of pallets for large and small gardens, filled with herbs, flowers and plants and ideally used as a space saving garden
Turn pallets into a space-saving garden filled with basil and other herbs.

DIY projects using wooden pallets are no longer an insider tip among crafts fans – but we simply couldn’t deprive you of this version of the vertical garden! The white pallets can be placed upright along the edge of your balcony or terrace, taking up virtually no space. If you don’t have either, you can also use a free wall to create this vertical garden inside the home. In fact, that applies to all of the vertical gardens shown here.

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Vertical garden made from IKEA Skubb storage

vertical garden made from an upcycled Skubb hanging storage solution from Ikea. Ideal for large and small gardens.. Can also be used as a storage and space saving solution for garden tools and other items in the garden.
With this IKEA hack, you’ll be just minutes away from adding a little greenery to your life.

Our final vertical garden is a cheap, easy idea that looks great and is sure to fit anywhere in your home. The web is full of IKEA hacks, but we especially like this one! Spring flowers, succulents, kitchen herbs … the Skubb hanging storage solution can be used not only for plants, but also for any materials and tools you need for working on the balcony or in the garden.