Create this decorative wooden photo board to display your favourite memories

Yellow wooden photo board with pictures
Somewhere to display your favourite memories
  • Difficulty
  • Cost
    40-85 £
  • Duration
    1-3 h


Do your favorite images regularly fall into oblivion on your smartphone? With this photo board you will be able to remember these beautiful moements every day, as well as adding a decorative feature to your wall.

You need

Let's go - step by step


Measure and cut the wood to length

Someone cutting wood with a nanoblade saw

Time to cut the wood to size

You need:
NanoBlade saw
Accessories for jigsaws
g-clamps, meter rule, protractor

The photo board is designed to fit your individual style. Measure out the board to 120cm long and 12cm wide however, this will depend on how much space you have in your home. Then simply saw th board to size with a jigsaw. Before you start make sure to clamp the board down with screw clamps onto a work surface to keep it steady.


Sand the edges

Someone using a multi-sander to sand down the edges of the cut board.

Get a smooth finish.

You need:

Sometimes frayed corners may occur during sawing. In order for your photo board to have beautiful edges, simply sand then down. To do this, use a multi-sander and move evenly without too much pressure on the edges of the board. You can simply wipe off the wood dust with a small hand brush or use a vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget to protect your eyes with protective goggles!


Add some colour to your board

A paint spray system painting a wooden board yellow.

Add a splash of colour

You need:
Paint spray system
protective sheet, Paint

Now to decorate your photo board with some paint. Whether yellow, turquoise, black or white ... just choose your favorite colour and spray! Before this, make sure to cover the floor with a cover sheet and wear a face mask to stop inhalation of the paint. When using the paint spray system adjust it to the "beam" setting and spray the board on both sides.

A tip: hold the fine spray system about a foot away from the wood.


Attaching the wire

But first pilot holes

But first pilot holes

You need:
Cordless Drill
Wood Drill Bit Set 3 Pieces
wood drill bit 1-2mm, pincers, wire

Once the paint is dry it is time to attach the wire to the board. Firstly, mark where the pilot holes for the eyes are to be drilled – these should be about halfway up, and at least 3 cm from the edge. Then using a cordless drill/driver with 1-2 mm wood drill bit, drill pilot holes of no more than 1cm deep for the eyes and then screw in the eyes. Next use pincers to trim the wire to size, thread it through the first eye and wind the wire around itself to fasten it.


Adding the finishing touches

Adding a wire to the board so pictures can be hung up

Nearly ready to hang up your memories

You need: beads, pegs, photos

Slide the beads onto the wire. Then, thread the wire through the other eyes, pull it taut and wrap the end of the wire several times around the taut section of wire. Cover the parts of the wire that are wound around itself by sliding the beads onto it.

How many pictures you want to hang up depends entirely on your taste and how much space you have! Fasten your favorite images with pegs on the wire and your own individual wall design is ready!