Manage remotely from any location

Control Indego with ease: the app has a user-friendly design, making it quick and easy to manage Indego from wherever you are. Just install the app and communicate with your mower at the touch of a button

App Features
Take a look at some of the features and functions available within the app
An illustration showing LogiCut
Why cut randomly when you can cut intelligently
An illustration showing MultiArea in three gardens
More areas, more autonomous
An illustration showing SpotMow
Mow a small area without having to mow all your lawn
An illustration showing SmartMowing avoiding unfavourable weather conditions
Autonomous garden care
Example applications that Indego can be connected to via IFTTT
IFTTT enables you to connect Indego up to 700 other smart products and services
An illustration showing Voice Control
Voice Control
One of the 1st voice-controllable robotic lawnmowers on the market
Man sitting on the bench and controlling Indego through mobile APP

Install the app

With the Indego + models and the Bosch Smart Gardening app, you have everything you need to manage your lawn remotely. From setting up a mowing schedule, to browsing the accessories range, your perfect lawn is just a few clicks away.

Smart technology.
We make sure you stay connected with your Indego. At all times!
Connected smartphone icon
Connected technology
GSM technology keeps you connected to your mower, wherever you are.
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Free connectivity
No costs to pay for data received or sent by the mower. No contracts to sign.
Signal icon
Mobile signal required
Indego uses the mobile phone network to communicate. Check that you have signal in your garden.
Refresh icon
Over-the-air software updates
Indego will update itself as soon as the latest software becomes available. Sit back and enjoy your garden safe in the knowledge that Indego always has the latest features.
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Free app
Get started straight away. Just download the app from the links provided above.
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Install Indego quickly and easily by following our simple instruction videos or the printed installation instructions provided.

Indego lawn mower robot against a white background.

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Firmware download


Here you can download the latest Indego firmware.

Frequently Asked Questions.
Find answers to frequently asked questions.
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