Indego (non-connected models)


The Indego's cutting system is designed to manage a maximum grass height of 100 mm.  The height of cut can be adjusted to between 30 and 50 mm for Indego models up to 700m2 and 20 and 60 mm for other Indego models. If the grass is longer than 100 mm it is recommended to use a conventional lawnmower first in order to reduce the grass length to within the maximum recommended level.

Set-up & Installation

You don’t have to bury the perimeter wire as it is designed to be installed on the surface of the ground. Over time, grass growth will naturally bury the wire. However, it is also possible to bury the perimeter wire, with a maximum depth of 5 cm. Underneath the docking station the wire should remain unburied in order to ensure accurate docking.

Your Indego needs space to run alongside a wall / fence and to turn whilst mowing. Different models require different distances, these can be found in the Installation Guide for the particular model. For safety reasons blades cannot reach up to the edge of the mower therefore approximately 15 cm of lawn around the fixed objects and around the edge of the lawn will not be mown.

Operation & Performance

During calibration the Indego checks and tests its sensors. These sensors enable the machine to cut accurately.

Yes, although it is better for the lawn to be cut in dry conditions.

Before the first installation (or after the winter period) to prepare your lawn you will need to cut the main area of the lawn with a conventional mower to one of the lower settings. For installation, we suggest cutting the perimeter wire area on the lowest possible setting. If the perimeter wire is laid on an unprepared lawn there is an increased risk in the perimeter wire being cut.

To avoid causing damage to the perimeter wire, do not verticut or rake the area where it is positioned.

Safety, Security & Protection

This is currently not possible.

Indego is equipped with an obstacle sensor, which detects objects/obstacles when bumping into them. Your mower will then reverse and drive around it.

If you have forgotten or lost your PIN code, your options depend on the model you own.
All connected Indego offer the option to reset the PIN via the Bosch Smart Gardening App.
To do so, select Menu > Settings > Mower > Change PIN > Enter password.
For Indego models S+, 350/400, M+/M 700 you can recover your PIN through MyBosch at
If none of these options work for you, you will need to send you Indego and its docking station to a Bosch Service Centre to be unlocked.

Whenever Indego is lifted up, it must be put back on the ground and the PIN code entered. If the lawnmower is not placed on the ground within 30 seconds an alarm is activated.

The Indego is equipped with lift-up sensors to detect if it has been lifted off the ground. Once a lift up has been detected the cutting system stops within 2 seconds. Whenever this happens, the PIN code needs to be entered.


The Indego doesn’t have a rain sensor but is able to operate in rainy conditions. It is however better for the lawn to be cut in dry conditions. For all connected Indego, the SmartMowing operating mode, will be able to automatically schedule the cut of your lawn when the conditions are suitable and therefore avoid rainy conditions.

A change in the Signal ID/Wire ID is required if you have two robotic lawnmowers in gardens adjacent to each other. If they are interfering with each other, the Signal ID/Wire ID should be changed. You may need to try different IDs.

 For the Indego S+ and 350/400 range and the Indego M+ and M 700, you can check the mower software version on the mower HMI display by accessing the Menu and selecting Settings > Info > Software. For other Indego models it can be done by selecting Menu > Settings > System Options > Info 

Troubleshooting: Cutting

It is possible that the Indego doesn’t cut in perfect parallel lines after the first installation. It could be that the Indego has detected a number of permanent obstacles within the lawn area. After finding one of these obstacles the Indego will drive to the perimeter wire in order to store the obstacle's location in its garden map. The learning phase will take up to three mowing cycles to fix a definitive map. Once the map is fixed, the Indego will then be able to establish the most efficient way to mow the lawn. For the Indego S+ and 350/400 models and the Indego M+/M 700, when the mowing mode, "Mow without dock" is selected, the mower will mow randomly in the additional area without docking station where Indego is placed.

It is recommended that the minimum distance between the perimeter wire and an obstacle e.g. tree or fence should not be less than 75 cm for Indego 350, 400 and M 700 range or 1 m for other Indego models to ensure Indego can access this area.

Troubleshooting: Accessories & Spare parts

If you detect your mower isn't achieving a clean cut or the cutting blades are blunt, they need to be replaced. Please wear gloves whilst replacing them.


The Indego will operate between 5°C and 45°C. Store your Indego and its docking station for the winter season, as soon the temperatures drop constantly below 5°C.
Store your Indego in dry place out of reach of children and within a temperature range of -20°C and 50°C.
Do not place any objects on the mower or docking station.

Before being stored away, Indego should be charged and switched off afterwards.
Indego S+, 350/400, M+ and M 700 have an on/off switch on the rear of the mower. Other Indego models are being switched off by removing the red isolator key under the mower, between the rear wheels.

Additionally, it is recommended to clean your Indego before putting it into storage. Instructions how to clean your Indego can be found in the user manual.

If you are using your Indego on multiple lawn areas, mark the docking stations to be able to identify which docking station belongs to which lawn area.

It is not intended to remove the battery for storage. If Indego will be opened the danger of a short circuit and an electric shock is present.
In addition the warranty expires.

The perimeter wire can remain in the lawn. It is recommended to mark the ends of the wire to support a correct re-connection later.


The power supply provided in the box comes with W/EEU plug. However it is still possible to buy a second dock„  through the spare parts available online. Parts that are required to be purchased are the base plate, terminal, power supply, cover and screws as well as the wire and pegs.

It is common not to achieve a perfect square. The shape and the final result of SpotMow is highly dependant upon your lawn conditions and the shape of your garden.

Indego (connected models)


All connected Indego models use GPRS which is also referred to as 2G or 2.5G. Connected Indegos only send very small amounts of data, so doesn’t require a higher speed connection.

In order to use Indego's connected features you will need a 2G or 2.5G mobile phone signal available in your garden. The Indego will automatically select the strongest mobile signal in your area, regardless of the network provider.

Yes, if you are one of the 98% of people in Europe covered by a GPRS signal. In most cases, people mean “my mobile phone network provider signal has no coverage”. Other networks are likely to be available in that area. All connected Indego use “Unsteered Network Roaming”, which means it will always connect to the strongest and fastest network available, regardless of your mobile phone network provider.

When using the Bosch Smart Gardening App, standard data charges apply as set out by your mobile network provider. There is however no cost to you for data received or sent by your connected Indego.  There are no contracts for you to sign.

Connectivity costs are covered for the lifetime of the product as long as there is a valid 2g connection.

No, the SIM card is already built into the machine.

If you have a product that is called ''Indego S+'' or have the word "Connect" or letter "C" on the product label, then your product is connected. Please note: The Bosch Smart Gardening app will only work with a connected Indego.

Connectivity is not limited by time. As long as there is a valid 2G connection in your area, you will be able to use the connectivity. This connectivity is supported by third party companies and not by Bosch.


The app supports both Tablets and Smartphones using either Google Android (from version 4.4) and Apple iOS (from version 8)

The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play by searching for Bosch Smart Gardening.

It is currently only possible to connect your Indego to one user account. You are however able to login to a second device using the same login details.

Registration & Login

The app only uses your existing Facebook email address.

Installation & Pairing

Please contact the previous owners requesting that they unpair the mower from their user account. Once they have done this, you will be able to pair to the mower. In exceptional circumstances, where the previous owner is unable or unwilling to unpair the mower, the new owner can contact Bosch with Proof of Purchase and arrange for the mower to be unpaired.


No. You would need to delete it from the session then reinstate it afterwards.

For I110, the map will show a visual representation of your lawn and an estimated position of your mower. For Indego 1000/1100/1200 Connect and Indego 10C/13C, the map will additionally show mown and unmown areas.

Any obstacles marked by perimeter wire appear grey on the map. Any unmarked obstacles will not appear on the map.

Mower Software Updates

All connected Indegos have the ability to update the mower software remotely. You can choose to receive updates automatically or you will be notified of new software becoming available, if you choose manual settings. Owners of Indego  350/400 or M 700 models can also download the latest Indego software. You can find the last software on the Bosch garden website in the section 'service'.

 For the Indego S+ and 350/400 range and the Indego M+ and M 700, you can check the mower software version on the mower HMI display by accessing the Menu and selecting Settings > Info > Software. For other Indego models it can be done by selecting Menu > Settings > System Options > Info 

Mower Settings

If you wish to change the PIN you can do this via the app.

Select Menu > Settings > Mower > Change PIN > Enter password.

Your connected Indego has a unique serial number linked to your user account. In the unfortunate event that someone steals your mower you will be able to immediately disable it via the app. That means that the mower is useless to any thief. Please do not unpair your Indego, as you will be informed by email if someone tries to pair with it. If you get hold of your Indego again, as long as you are still paired, you can then re-enable the Indego.

Data Protection

Aside from your user account details (display name, email address and password) Bosch would have access to other machine sourced information such as your lawn map, mowing schedules, machine location and runtime.

Your email address is required to login to the app and the mower data is required to enable us to provide users with a remote diagnostic capability and help us to develop more tailored robotic mowers for the future.

Your data is stored across a series of secure servers within the Bosch Service Network in Germany.

Your personal data is accessible only by Bosch and approved 3rd party technical partners involved in the delivery of the connected system that provides the features of your connected Indego. Your data will not be shared with 3rd party companies for Marketing purposes.

Other Questions

Yes, this function is available. It is called MultiArea, which is available on Indego 1300, Indego S+, Indego 350/400 Connect and non-connect and Indego M+ and M 700 (depending on software version).

Amazon Alexa

''Alexa'' is a voice control service from Amazon which allows you to operate selected devices in your home via the human language. This form of voice control is based on a working Internet connection. The evaluation of the spoken commands and the triggering of the respective device functions are realized via the IT infrastructure (data centers) of Amazon.

All necessary information can be found on the Internet on the pages of Amazon. From the main menu go to "Departments -> Echo & Alexa -> Content & Resources -> Meet Alexa". Here you will find lots of useful background information about the devices and services of Amazon's "Alexa".
If you still have open questions, please contact Amazon Customer Service directly and they will provide you with expert advice on supported devices and Amazon specific voice control.

Amazon Alexa can be used with all connected Indego models. This includes Indego S+, Indego 350/400 Connect, Indego M+ 700 as well as the Indego models 1000/1100/1200 Connect and 10C/13C.

To get started all you have to do is ensure that you have already installed your connected Indego. Then simply create an Indego account and link to your Amazon account by clicking the ''enable'' button in the Amazon Alexa app or on the Amazon Alexa webpage. This will take you to a sign-in page where you have to enter the same login details used for the Bosch Smart Gardening app. You will then see a new screen with a confirmation that says ''Indego has been successfully linked''.  For more information, please go on to

No, you don't. The skill is independent of the Bosch Smart Gardening App and you can enable the skill by following the steps described in the Question "How do I use Amazon Alexa with my Indego".

You can ask Indego to cut, pause or finish. If you're curious you can also ask Indego where it is or ask for the cutting schedule. For example you can tell Indego to mow the lawn by simply asking,'' Alexa, tell Indego to cut my grass''. If you would like to ask Indego for status you can say something like, ''Alexa, ask Indego for status'' or ''Alexa, ask Indego what it is doing''.

For custom skills, Amazon Alexa is programmed to understand key words. The key words in the ''Indego'' skill are ''Alexa, ask Indego …'' or ''Alexa, tell Indego…''. As soon as you say these words, Alexa knows that you are trying to talk to Indego and will do what you ask.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is Google's voice assistant. It offers commands, voice searching and voice-activated device control, letting you complete a number of tasks after you have said the wake words.

A family of hands-free devices with built-in speakers and partly screens. They are connected to the Google Assistant to serve customer's needs.

All necessary information can be found on the internet pages of Google Assistant (scroll to the bottom and click on 'Help', then fill in the relevant fields). If you still have open questions, please contact Google Assistant Customer Service directly and they will provide you with further advice.

Google Assistant can be used with all connected Indego models. This includes S+, Indego 350/400 Connect, Indego M+700 as well as the Indego models 1000/1100/1200 Connect and 10C/ 13C

To get started you have to ensure you have already installed and connected your Indego. Then simply create an Indego account via our Bosch Smart gardening App and link it to your Google account by clicking the 'Set Up' button in the Google Home or Google Assistant App. This will re-direct you to a sign in page where you have enter your Indego account details. It should then appear at the bottom of the app that your Indego has been successfully linked.

No, you don't. The action is independent of the version of Bosch Smart Gardening App and you enable the action by following the steps described in the question "How do I use Google Assistant with my Indego".

Google assistant allows for you to start, pause and stop your Indego. It also allows for you to get a status update on your Indego.

Setup information you provide when you set up your account and any device using our apps, such as device name, device type, and information about your home, including your address, ZIP code, and where the device is placed, Device usage data such as device interactions or adjustments, including related device state, settings, and features used. Technical data, like device make and model, serial number, IP and Mac address, Wi-Fi connectivity, signal strength and settings.

Sure you can! Google Home is available in 80 countries and 30 languages, if Google Home is available in your country but does not speak your language, you can change the language to one it speaks. For our Indego action, it is currently only available in German, Danish and English.