Bosch 360° Gun

Bosch 360° Gun
Bosch 360° Gun
Bosch 360° Gun Bosch 360° Gun
360° all-round outdoor cleaning
  • Easily clean hard-to-reach dirt: 360° joint provides full rotation of the nozzle
  • Features push-fit connections for a simple and fast set-up
  • Variable Fan Jet Nozzle provides both forceful wash and gentle rinsing options
  • Attachable high-pressure detergent nozzle for deeper cleaning of vehicles
  • Compatible with EasyAquatak, UniversalAquatak, AQT 33-10, AQT 33-11, AQT 35-12, AQT 37-13, AQT 40-13, AQT 42-13

Outdoor dirt removed in no time with the convenient 360° short trigger gun

Push and click to connect the 360° trigger gun to the washer for easy cleaning convenience. The gun requires only single-handed operation, making it ideal for washing light items, such as children’s toys. For hard-to-reach areas, such as under windowsills, the adjustable 360° rotating nozzle directs water to where it is needed. The variable fan jet nozzle delivers a powerful water stream with a narrow fan setting to lift off tough grime or a softer, wide spray for the gentle removal of debris from a wide variety of surfaces.

Masters all types of applications.

Fan jet is perfect for cleaning windows and window sills
Easily cleans hard-to-reach dirt
Ideal for cleaning cars
One-handed operation makes it easy to clean lightweight items

Technical details for Bosch 360° Gun

Technical specifications
Tool dimensions (L x W x H)
268 x 220 x 70 mm
0,500 kg
Delivery details: Bosch 360° Gun
Order number:
Bosch 360° high-pressure gun
High pressure detergent nozzle, 450 ml
Order number:
EAN Code
Easy Aquatak 100

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Questions & Answers about Bosch 360° Gun

Attach the High pressure hose to the 360 gun via the push fit connection on the hose, it should simply snap into place on the gun.

The main difference here is the one to two handed operation. The 360 gun offers a one handed operation with short distance to the cleaning object, i.e. Bins, where the user can hold the bin and rinse it at the same time. The long lance is a traditional lance extension you would find on high pressure washers. It is a two handed operation with a variable fan jet which can be used for more demanding cleaning tasks, ie. cleaning of flooring stones.

It can be used with the Easy range and Universal range.

Our products are not intended for use by children and there should not be any bystanders in the cleaning area to protect them from projected objects.

Rinse, wipe, dry.

A 450ml detergent nozzle bottle

Cleaning hard to reach surfaces because the end of the gun can rotate 360 degrees. This will allow you to direct the spray pattern to achieve cleaning in a variety of awkward angles such as, between outdoor furniture and vehicles.


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Chemicals dangerous to the environment must not be allowed to enter the ground, ground water or ponds, streams, etc. For the cleaning of motor vehicles, the local regulations should be observed: Do not allow oil sprayed off to enter into the ground water.