System Accessories IXO
IXO Collection – Spice mill adapter

The creative spice mill for fresh cuisine
  • Grinds spice and spice blends for that uniquely fresh taste
  • Elegant body design
  • Enables use with IXO or manually as stand-alone grinder
  • Adjustment screw for selecting coarser or finer grinds

The IXO adapter for that freshly spiced taste

The IXO Spice Mill Adapter takes the IXO into the kitchen. Grinding at any grain or blend, it opens up the reaches of creative cuisine, bringing that unique taste of freshly ground spice to any dish. It is elegantly designed with a brushed-steel body and can be used manually as well.
The spice mill adapter for the Bosch IXO grinds dried spices and spice blends.
The spice mill adapter with its quality design can be operated both using the IXO and manually.
Masters all types of applications.
Easy manual spice milling
Fast spice grinding for quick flavouring
Elegant brushed-steel design

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