The Project Box Hand Sanding is the perfect choice for various sanding applications on a wide range of materials. It offers solutions for different projects including hand sanding wooden materials, removing colour residues, old paint layers, as well as sanding metal and plastic surfaces.
  • This box consists of abrasives featuring different grit sizes and sanding accessories that also allow for wet use. Sponges and fleecepads are washable and therefore more durable.
  • Due to the different shapes, not only flat surfaces but also hard-to-reach areas and curved workpieces can be processed.
  • This set contains:
  • 3x Sanding sponges profile: medium, fine and superfine
  • 2x Fleece pads for wood and metal: coarse and very fine
  • 1x Hand sanding block
  • 3x Sanding papers coarse with grit size 60 "remove"
  • 3x Sanding papers medium with grit size 120 "prepare"
  • 3x Sanding papers fine with grit size 240 "finish"


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