Cordless Cleaning Brush


UniversalBrush UniversalBrush
Full scrubbing power for easy cleaning of different dirt levels
  • High cleaning power even with applied pressure due to powerful motor
  • Versatile for many cleaning jobs thanks to a wide range of different available accessories
  • Waterproof design due to IPX5 splash water protection
  • Scrubs different kinds of surfaces, e.g. bathroom tiles, kitchen stove, pots and pans
  • Cordless tool with Li-ion battery, rechargeable via Micro USB cable

Versatile and powerful electric brush for tackling a wide range of cleaning jobs

The multifunctional and strong UniversalBrush makes life easier - it is a versatile helper for removal of light and stubborn dirt. Its powerful motor ensures almost constant brush rotation for tackling even the most demanding scrubbing task. A variety of attachments allow use on a wide range of surfaces and materials. Due to its IPX5 splash water protection it is also qualified for use in wet environments. This brush masters scrubbing of tiles and joints, garden furniture, ovens, pots and pans, and shower glass and reaches narrow areas like tap or shower. This handy tool offers cordless application and is rechargeable via Micro USB cable.

Electric brush for many cleaning jobs

Scrubbing power in bathroom, kitchen, garden

Cleans efficiently even in hard-to-reach areas
Removes limescale and soap stains from tiles easily
Makes a dirty oven shine again (optional accessory)
Eliminates stubborn dirt on tyre rims
Removes rust from small areas
Bye-bye dirt on leather seats (optional accessory)
Brings a new shine to garden furniture (optional accessory)
Cleans kitchen worktops easily (optional accessory)
Limescale on shower glass? Disappears quickly!

Technical details for UniversalBrush

Technical specifications
Battery voltage
3,6 V
Battery capacity
1,5 Ah
No-load speed
215 rpm
IP protection type
Machine weight
0,33 kg
Tool dimensions (L x W x H):
140 x 45 x 100 mm
Delivery details: UniversalBrush
Order number:
Bristle Brush
1 600 A02 3KW
Detailed Brush
1 600 A02 3KY
Pad Holder with hook-and-loop fastening
1 600 A02 3KX
Microfibre non-scratch pad
1 600 A02 3KZ
Abrasive heavy-duty pad
1 600 A02 3L1
Micro USB Cable
1 607 000 CG9
Cardboard box
Order number:
EAN Code

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User manual download

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