Lawn Raker

Rake 900

UniversalRake 900
UniversalRake 900
UniversalRake 900
UniversalRake 900 UniversalRake 900 UniversalRake 900
For fast and effective removal of moss and thatch
  • Strong Performance: the combination of the 900 W high power motor and the “Jet-Collect System” provides fast and clog-free raking.
  • Efficient application: “Jet-Collect System” with double-spring steel tines and special airflow inlets offers fast and complete collection of moss and thatch.
  • Practical use: large 50-litre collection box means less time spent emptying.
  • Compact storage: Double folding handle and stackable collection box delivers 40cm overall height

Achieve excellent results effortlessly. Perfect for pre-season and end of season lawn maintenance

This versatile corded lawnraker provides excellent all-year-round results, delivering fast and effective moss and thatch removal thanks for the jet-collect system. The 4-position operating heights can be adjusted easily for both light and heavier applications, including leaf collection. Double-fold handles and stackable collection box makes storage easy, even in small spaces.

  • Focused on simplicity
  • For small to medium-sized tasks
  • Focused on functionality and performance for a broader range of tasks
  • For medium-sized tasks
  • Best performance with enhanced features
  • Larger and more challenging tasks

Masters all types of applications.

Double-spring steel tines for effective moss and thatch removal
Jet-collect system ensures full filling of large capacity collection box
4 height settings for ground cutting, moss/thatch removal and leaf collection
Compact storage thanks to double-fold handles and stackable collection box
Balanced and lightweight for easy manoeuvring round the garden

Technical details for UniversalRake 900

Technical specifications
Motor power
900 W
Drum system
10 double steel tines
Working width
32 cm
Work height
+10/+5/0/-5 mm
Height-of-cut settings
Capacity of collection box
50 l
Tool dimensions (L x W x H)
1260 x 475 x 940 mm
10,000 kg
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Noise/vibration information
Vibration emission value ah
Uncertainty K
4,0 m/s²
1,6 m/s²
Measured values for noise determined according to 2000/14/EC. The A-rated noise level of the power tool is typically as follows: Sound pressure level dB(A); Sound power level dB(A). Uncertainty K= dB. Measured values determined in accordance with EN 60745 Vibration total values (vector sum of three directions).
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