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AquaSurf 280 Multi Surface Cleaner

AquaSurf 280 Multi Surface Cleaner
AquaSurf 280 Multi Surface Cleaner
AquaSurf 280 Multi Surface Cleaner AquaSurf 280 Multi Surface Cleaner
High-speed cleaning of patios, driveways, and vertical surfaces
  • Ideal for cleaning large patios and driveways
  • Integrated handles make cleaning of vertical surfaces easy
  • Pivoting joint for easy manoeuvring and maximum efficiency
  • Compatible with UniversalAquatak, AdvancedAquatak, AQT 37-13, AQT 40-13, AQT 42-13, AQT 45-14 X

The large surface cleaner designed for spotless results horizontally and vertically

The AquaSurf 280 Multi Surface Cleaner efficiently cleans large driveways and patios as well as vertical surfaces such as garages and walls. It effortlessly hovers over the cleaning area to remove algae, lichen, and moss in no time at all. A 280-mm-wide diameter also makes it highly efficient for time-saving work on larger areas. Its brush skirt prevents outwards splashing to keep the surrounding area dry, while its practical integrated handles allow for vertical cleaning. It navigates easily over stone, brickwork, and decking, while its locking mechanism also adds the rigidity to the lance to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs.

Technical details for AquaSurf 280 Multi Surface Cleaner

Technical specifications
Tool dimensions (L x W x H)
400 x 365 x 200 mm
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Patio cleaner
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Questions & Answers about AquaSurf 280 Multi Surface Cleaner

Patio cleaner attaches to the Bosch lance by bayonet (push, turn, twist) fitting. Please check the manual for more details.

Our patio cleaner range offers quicker cleaning results with reduced splash back to clean patios more efficiently.

These products are accessories and therefore must always operate with an appropriate Bosch pressure washer to function.

The patio cleaners are fitted with bristles on the bottom rim, however these are not fitted to scrub the ground during the cleaning process. They are simply designed to control the splash back. The product should easily hover over the surface.

You can use the patio cleaner on larger flat surfaces such as patios, decking, paving, paths, etc…

Yes, the 280 Multi-surface cleaner has handles to aid vertical surface cleaning. This is not recommended with the Aquasurf 250 or the Aquasurf 280

  1. Check product manual for troubleshooting
  2. Ensure that the patio cleaner is compatible with the bar rating of the machine
  3. Check the bowl for debris, remove if needed
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