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Fontus 18V

Cordless Outdoor Cleaners

Fontus 18V

Cordless Outdoor Cleaners

Fontus 18V

Versatile Cleaning

  • Cordless cleaning at home or on the go, either connected to the mains water supply or using the inbuilt 15L tank
  • Ideal for looking after your prized possessions, from cars and motorbikes to outdoor equipment and bicycles
  • Multipurpose use: Four spray patterns, adjustable water pressure, and SmartBrush
  • Extendable handle and sturdy wheels for fast set-up and easy manoeuvrability
  • Accessory storage and in-operation gun holder for ultimate convenience
  • Syneon Technology regulates energy use for optimal efficiency and longer runtime
  • POWER FOR ALL: One battery for an entire Home & Garden tools system

Fontus 18V

Versatile cleaning for your prized possessions with easy to use 4 spray patterns and a SmartBrush.

Quick set-up and easy manoeuvrability – the cordless Fontus 18V makes fast results easy. Unlike traditional high-pressure washers, this portable cleaner is perfect for use at home or on the go due to its mains water connection, 15L inbuilt water tank and 18 V battery. Enjoy adjustable pressure modes and four spray patterns – a pencil jet for stubborn dirt, a 15° fan jet for precision on smaller surfaces, a 50° fan jet to rinse larger areas, and a shower jet for gentle cleaning. Its attachable SmartBrush is ideal for gently cleaning larger surfaces like cars or garden furniture. An accessory storage and in-use gun holder make cleaning even more convenient. The tool belongs to the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE. One battery can operate a large variety of tools from different brands.

Versatile cleaning with 4 spray patterns and a SmartBrush.

  • Focused on simplicity
  • For small to medium-sized tasks
  • Focused on functionality and performance for a broader range of tasks
  • For medium-sized tasks
  • Best performance with enhanced features
  • Larger and more challenging tasks
Battery voltage
18.0 V
Battery compatibility
Battery recommendation
Battery capacity
2.5 Ah
Battery charging time
2,60 h
Battery run time
up to 60 mins
Max. pressure
20 bar
Pressure modes
low, medium and turbo
Tank size
15 l
Handle type
Hose length
4 m
Hose type
High-pressure hose reel
Tool dimensions (L x W x H)
320 x 395 x 645 mm
6,400 kg
Weight excl. battery
6,4 kg
Fontus 18V
1 x 2.5 Ah battery | charger
Order number: 06008B6171
EAN-Code: 4059952547923
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