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Cross Line Laser

Level 3

UniversalLevel 3
UniversalLevel 3
Perfect for renovations, decorating, and maintenance work
  • Projection of a laser cross with additional vertical line at a 90° angle and bottom plumb point
  • Laser points and lines automatically align and are straight due to self-levelling function
  • Incline function for working outside of self-levelling range with diagonal laser lines
  • High-quality, bright laser diodes with accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm/m for precise working results
  • Opening angle of 120° for long laser lines even at short working distances

The precision laser level for fast aligning, squaring, and transferring jobs

Whether the job involves laying new floor tiles or installing a shower cubicle or drywall, the Bosch UniversalLevel 3 makes tricky tasks easy. Thanks to its laser cross and second vertical laser line, the cross line laser can be used for horizontal, vertical, and right-angled alignment. The second vertical laser line forms a 90° reference to the first line, enabling precise alignment in any room. Use the incline function for jobs out of the self-levelling range, such as installing stair railings. Its 120° opening angle projects longer laser lines, for accurate projections even at short distances. It also features an integrated 1/4' tripod thread along with a levelling accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm/m and a 10-m maximum go-in range.

  • Focused on simplicity
  • For small to medium-sized tasks
  • Focused on functionality and performance for a broader range of tasks
  • For medium-sized tasks
  • Best performance with enhanced features
  • Larger and more challenging tasks

Perfect for renovations, decorating, and maintenance work

Laser cross with added 90° vertical line and plumb point
Accurate guidelines for installation and renovation jobs
Intuitive and easy to use with perfect results
Convenient and reliable self-levelling feature
Ideal for perfectly precise interior work
Extending the range of functions with accessories

Technical details for UniversalLevel 3

Technical specifications
Working range, laser line
10 m
Working range, laser point
10 m
Laser diode, laser line
650 nm
Laser diode, laser point
635 nm
Laser class
Self-levelling time, typ.
4 s
Levelling range
± 3 °
Opening angle
120 °
± 0.5 mm/m
Tripod thread
0,540 kg
3 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA)
Tool dimensions (L x W x H)
131 x 75 x 126 mm

Overview of prices and delivery details

UniversalLevel 3
UniversalLevel 3
Order number: 0603663900
EAN-Code: 3165140898379
  • Batteries
  • Bag
UniversalLevel 3 - Set
UniversalLevel 3 - Set
Order number: 0603663901
EAN-Code: 3165140898386
  • Batteries
  • 1.5 m aluminium tripod
  • Bag

Available Accessories

TT 150

TT 150

Height-adjustable tripod with versatile tool positioning

With a flexible tripod head positioning that enables easy tilt and full 360° rotation, a fine height adjustment range of 0.55 m to 1.57 m for versatile working heights, and integrated bubble vials that ensure perfectly level support, the TT 150 is the perfect tripod for levelling tools. This robust, high-quality aluminium tripod features rubber feet for stability on any floor as well as a ¼” thread for fast and easy tool fixing.

Fine height adjustment range of 0.55 - 1.57 m
MM 1

MM 1

Flexible solution for positioning laser lines at the desired height

The easy-to-use MM 1 holder extends the possible applications of levelling tools, providing quick and flexible solutions for positioning the laser line at the desired height. It features a fine height adjustment range from 4 cm to 9.5 cm. Versatile options for positioning on horizontal as well as vertical surfaces expand this holder´s uses and range. It can be conveniently used with all levelling tools with ¼” thread.

Practical and versatile positioning

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