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Every small step counts when it comes to protecting our environment
The housing and the accessories of the Quigo Green are also made of 90 % recycled plastic. Solar Impulse Label
With the AdvancedDrill 18, you can build a house for your chirping friends.
With the AdvancedDrill 18, you can build a house for your chirping friends.

Live sustainable #LikeABosch

For us, sustainability is the framework within which we consistently act in an economically, ecologically, and socially responsible manner. That's why our innovations not only make our products better and better, but also more and more sustainable. With our power tools, you can actively contribute to a much more environmentally friendly lifestyle and greater resource preservation. With #LikeABosch, we show you how easy it is. Together, we will do it. Every small step counts when it comes to making a positive contribution to protecting our environment.

the AdvancedDrill 18 case is made of over 90 % recycled plastic.

Create what nature loves. Live sustainable #LikeABosch

No matter what project is coming up: Sustainability comes first with the new IXO 7, made of >30% recycled plastics in product housing¹ and packed in a storage box² made of >90% recycled plastics. Many possibilities, one result.

Live sustainable #LikeABosch

Enjoy the wind of change. Live sustainable #LikeABosch

Sustainability matters. And now you can stay fresh and sustainable with the new Bosch Universal Fan 18V, highly efficient in airflow and made from 90% recycled plastics in product housing¹. During DIY projects, when you’re on the move or just chilling athome, it will keep you cool.

Live sustainable #LikeABosch

With the Shredder AXT 25 TC you can easily turn bulky garden waste into valuable compost material.

Be aligned with nature. Live sustainable #LikeABosch

Do you love keeping things precise?

Meet the new QuigoGreen! made from 90% recycled plastics in product housing¹ including accessories⁴, this is the perfect self-levelling cross line laser for any green project.

Live sustainable #LikeABosch


Cycle and upcycle. Live sustainable #LikeABosch

No matter what project is coming up:
Sustainability always comes first. Moving from plastic packaging to cardboard instead, we avoid 53.5 tons of plastic waste every year. Many possibilities, one result.

Live sustainable #LikeABosch


Bosch Home & Garden measuring tools: as simple as always. More sustainable than ever.

Innovative Bosch Home & Garden measuring tools are designed to make your DIY fantasies a reality – easily and precisely. We give you peace of mind by offering you high-quality measuring tools that are simple to use. But we’re also focused on the protection of our planet – just like you. That’s why for our new range of measuring tools – launched in September 2023 – we have taken a more sustainable approach. Now, at every step of product creation, we are limiting our use of resources while at the same time ensuring that you get the best choice for your DIY projects.

Sustainability boosted: product housings* made of recycled materials

Whenever you get a Bosch Home & Garden measuring tool or accessory from our new range, you can rest assured that it’s more sustainable: wherever possible, we use recycled plastic or metal in our product housings* and accessories. In our new-generation Quigo Green cross-line laser, for instance, more than 85% of the product housing* is composed of recycled plastic.

Wrapped up for the planet: more sustainable packaging

Optimised packaging: when you unpack a Bosch Home & Garden measuring tool or accessory from our new range, you won’t find any plastic bags. Furthermore, we are now using at least 70% recycled fibres in packaging and 100% recycled paper** in manuals and leaflets. Our Zamo laser measure is a good example: here the packaging*** is made of 90% recycled cartons**.

Optimised for transportation: more sustainable packaging design

When you choose a Bosch Home & Garden measuring tool or accessory from our new range, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve redesigned and optimised our packaging. That means better use of resources by us and by you too. Take our clever Truvo detector as an example: optimised**** packaging means it’s now more efficient to transport and store.

More sustainable than ever: This not only applies to all of our measuring tools, but also to the production of our new video.

Find out in the making-of video what "Green Production" means to us and how we created the advertisement in a resource-saving manner: 

Upcycling #LikeABosch - Have you ever thought about using an old washing drum as a garden barbecue?

Upcycling #LikeABosch

Have you ever thought about building spice racks out of drinking bottles or using an old washing drum as a garden barbecue? You can find more information and helpful instructions for creative upcycling projects under the Upcyling DIY link.
circular economy by Bosch

Our sustainability goals

Our aim is to have as little impact as possible on the environment. As a globally active company, we pursue a holistic approach to sustainability along the entire product life cycle.
In particular, we focus on the long-term reduction of the CO2 footprint and the boosting of a circular economy that protects the environment and the climate.
More information on our sustainability strategy

Our sustainability approach

At Bosch Home & Garden, we want to use sustainable innovations to protect the environment in our global business activities and processes and we want to drive change in our business sector.  That is why we are constantly analysing and reviewing our entire value chain in order to keep introducing further improvement measures.

Sustainable Innovations

The housing and the accessories of the Quigo Green are also made of 90 % recycled plastic

Made from 90% recycled plastic

Quigo Green is a good example of how we consistently implement our sustainability strategy right from the development process of our products. It consists of 90 % recycled plastic (housing incl. accessories). That is why it was also awarded the coveted "Solar Impulse Label". This is how we are actively reducing the CO2 footprint.

Cases made of recycled plastic, we have already saved more than 2,200 tonnes of new material

Savings of 2.200 t of virgin plastic

By introducing cases made of recycled plastic, we have already saved more than 2,200 tonnes of new material since 2019. This weight is roughly equivalent to the amount of 1,570 cars. Doing this, we are significantly reducing the CO2 impact and lowering the carbon footprint.

circular economy by Bosch

Recycling & Repair

Sustainability plays a major role for us: Bosch takes back and recycles old appliances. As many materials as possible are recycled so that no unnecessary damage is caused to the environment. Taking back old electrical appliances. Since 2005, the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) has contained a large number of requirements for the handling of electrical and electronic equipment.


A circular economy is a self-contained system in which the entire value chain of production should successively reduce all waste, emissions, and energy waste to zero in a resource-efficient manner. The reuse of recycled materials, product longevity, and maintenance and repair of older equipment play an important role in this. In 2020, we developed a circular economy strategy that takes into account environmental and social impacts along the entire value chain. In 2021, we are now systematically analysing the main materials used in Bosch products and developing an action plan to strengthen the circular economy.

Bosch as a brand enjoys a great deal of trust when it comes to reliability and high quality. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, we test our products under the highest performance requirements and loads. With important innovations such as Syneon technology, we want to ensure that our customers enjoy our products for a very long time. Unfortunately, this cannot be said in general terms, as many factors depend on the individual use and handling of the respective customer.  

Bosch has one of the largest cross-brand 18V battery systems from leading manufacturers in the world with the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE and offers solutions for the entire home. Our vision is to provide our users with ONE battery that can be used for all applications around the home. We would like to include many other manufacturers in our battery system in the future as well.

You can send your defective appliance directly to our service centre using our online repair service. Alternatively, you can take it to your local dealer or DIY store.

Yes the animals in the pictures are real. All the necessary animal welfare clearances were obtained before starting the photo shooting. None of the animals were harmed during the photo shoot.

Thank you for your interest. You will find more information about our activities regarding sustainability under the link:

If you want to be grammatically very correct, it should be "Live sustainably", because it is an adverb. But especially in US-American English, people like to do without an adverb colloquially. Especially in the musical sphere. We also wanted to communicate in a uniform way: see BSH Film and Bosch Corporate Film, where "Live sustainable like a Bosch" is already used. For these reasons, we  decided to use "Live sustainable like a Bosch" for power tools too.

1. Product Housing –all components visible from the outside of the baretool
2. Storage box - plastic based box with similar functions like a case, often special gift character/geometry
3. Permanent packaging, plastic-based case; all parts which build up the case including handles, latches and inlays
4. Accessories – universal clamp MM 2 plus adapter plate together use 95% recycled plastic.

* - All components visible from the outside excluding battery, charger and accessories
** - Fibers
*** - Carton Box: All parts which make up the packaging for a product made from paper fibres
**** - 40% smaller packaging, 312 more products per pallet