Tools for Home & Garden

Bosch cleaning tools: Bringing cleaning back.

A child's birthday party on the patio, a heap of pet hair in the car, sawdust after a DIY project, or a dirty bicycle after the most recent ride: Wherever dirt appears, we are there with our powerful cleaning tools to ensure that everything is restored to perfect cleanliness – and that you even have fun while cleaning. With cleaning tools from Bosch, you can make cleaning your thing and show dust and dirt who's boss.

Bosch vacuum cleaner

Bosch vacuum cleaner

Hello, dirt. You're coming with me. Using our lightweight, cordless hand-held extractors or our powerful wet and dry extractors. Ideal for vacuuming the car, removing pet hair  or cleaning cellars, hobby workshops and garages. What's more, with the UniversalAdapter, you can also connect our dust extractors to Bosch Home & Garden power tools – the clean solution when doing it yourself.

Bosch high-pressure washers

Stubborn dirt should just give up the fight. No matter whether you're cleaning the car,

the patio or balcony, or your garden furniture. In

these and many other situations, you can banish dirt and grime using the Bosch high-pressure washers,

leaving everything as sparkling clean as it was originally.

Cordless cleaning brush and window vacuum

Cordless cleaning brush and window vacuum

You know the one. The dirty tile in the bathroom that annoys you afresh every morning – or the glass shower unit that just won't get clean, no matter what you try. The Bosch cordless cleaning brush makes cleaning tiles and joints an effortless task; scrubbing with a toothbrush becomes a thing of the past. Our convenient cordless window vacuum helps you to leave your glass surfaces and mirrors shiny and clean.

Cordless cleaning tool for outdoors

Does a portable cleaning tool, suitable for cleaning both your bike and your dog after a trip out in the rain, at home or on the go, sound like the answer to your problems? Here's the solution: The cordless cleaning tool from Bosch, which needs no sources of water or power, is the right choice when you need to clean something up quickly, outdoors and on the go.