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Rotary Nozzle

Rotary Nozzle
Rotary Nozzle
Rotary Nozzle
Rotary Nozzle Rotary Nozzle Rotary Nozzle
High-speed rotating Jet Nozzle for removing tough dirt
  • High-intensity Rotating Jet perfect for use on stubborn dirt
  • Can be quickly and easily connected to the end of the lance
  • For use with a pressure of up to 140 bar
  • Ideal for garden furniture, garden tools, stone, and masonry
  • Compatible with EasyAquatak 100LL/110/120, UniversalAquatak, AdvancedAquatak 140, AQT 33-10, AQT

Removes stubborn outdoor dirt, rust or paint quickly and effortlessly

The rotary nozzle delivers powerful and fast cleaning results on tough outdoor dirt. Easily connected to the washer, it creates a high-speed, zero-degree spray pattern in a circular motion. This high-intensity water blast breaks down dirt and grime, cutting cleaning time in half. The rotary nozzle provides the best of both worlds: high pressure cleaning, up to 140 bar, and wide coverage. That makes it the essential accessory for either heavy-duty cleaning of flat, broad areas such as patio slabs and driveways, or for the removal of stubborn dirt, rust and paint.

Masters all types of applications.

Use on patios, driveways, stonework, and pots
Effectively cleans trailers

Technical details for Rotary Nozzle

Technical specifications
Tool dimensions (L x W x H)
137 x 128 x 41 mm
0,080 kg
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Questions & Answers about Rotary Nozzle

The rotary nozzle rotates a pencil jet quickly, causing it to be sprayed out in a cone shape, this is helpful for jobs with a large surface area that also need the power of a pencil jet.

The variable fan jet supresses the pencil jet making it a fan, this also weakens the water’s power slightly. Whereas the rotary nozzle is still as powerful as the pencil jet.

The rotary nozzle is used to cover large surface areas with a lot of power, meaning jobs that require the concentrated power of a pencil jet can be made quicker with the rotary nozzle and still achieve the same result.

It is not recommended due to the power of the rotary nozzle to use it to clean cars.


Chemicals dangerous to the environment must not be allowed to enter the ground, ground water or ponds, streams, etc. For the cleaning of motor vehicles, the local regulations should be observed: Do not allow oil sprayed off to enter into the ground water.